Leg compression machine for athletes

It’s certainly not easy being an athlete. Broken ankles, sprained wrists, athlete’s foot; it’s nothing like what most people dream about. And as an athlete, our body parts need extra care and compression garments suck as compression stockings than regular people, which itself can be a headache.

Leg compression therapy machines have changed the way of recovery. The compression sleeves help in blood circulation and fast recovery from strained muscle. Seeing the exaggeratedly delicate care that a runner’s feet need makes us realize exactly how hard to maintain the athletic performance being a professional athlete is. So we set out to find out the best leg compression machine for athletes, and we made the ultimate choice. See for yourself!

Our top pick

The Rapid Reboot has a number of features, most of which include availability in multiple sizes, pneumatic compression, extra comfort, a lavish control pump, its very own carry bag, and even a 2-year warranty.


But one of the most prominent features of the Rapid Recovery System is the fact that it has received certification from the FDA itself, which means that it is completely safe and healthy. Now that’s what we call a massage! This is the best leg compression machine for athletes.

How to Look For the Best Leg Compression Machines for an athlete

Find The Perfect Size:

Everything comes in different sizes, even compression machines. A good pneumatic compressor fits snugly on your feet and massages them while also leaving space for breathability and movement. Leg massagers are usually measured in terms of length. The compression device is elastic and can accommodate to any width.

If you are unsure what size you are, try putting on a few leg compression sleeves and noting down the correct size. Do not buy compression wear online if you don’t know your size. You might not get an easy refund and you won't be able to try out the sizes (same with some foot massager).

The perfect size is important because if the compressor doesn’t fit properly, it can get really uncomfortable, or it might not reach the higher shins, leaving a good portion of your legs bare and un-massaged.

Ensure Your Safety:

Automatic leg compressors work in various ways, and they can be pretty dangerous if they are sloppily manufactured. Makes sure that the compressor that you buy is perfectly safe (even more for athletes). Some machines can be susceptible to overheating, fires, and even explosions. Some may compress the legs too much and cause even worse pain or discomfort. And many can restrict blood flow.

The first and easiest way to ensure your safety is to look for certifications. Machines that have been certified by independent health organizations are more likely to be safe and without risk.

This is just what makes the Rapid Reboot System so exceptional. It has been certified by the FDA, which reviews and approves literally all of the products that reach the shelves. Other leg compressors which have been approved by the FDA or similar organizations are great choices.

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Remember To Breathe:

All decent and even some cheap leg compressing machines allow your legs to breathe. Things can get pretty sweaty when your legs are squeezed tight, and airflow is just as important as a safe working product. Most compressors are open at the end and allow easy ventilation. Too much heat and excessive perspiration can not only ruin the mood but also cause a lot of aching and pain.

The fabric should be breathable, like cotton or polyester, but also tight enough to ensure effectiveness (like the one used in hospitals).

Customizability of the compression machine:

Let’s face it. Everyone has different requirements, and as such, the products we buy should be perfect for us. A good leg compressor promises customizability and adjustability. For one thing, the control pump should be able to produce as much pressure as 200 mm of Hg or more, and the fabric should be stretchy to work with all leg widths. The length varies from user to user, but it should always accommodate a certain range of sizes.

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Refund Policies:

When it comes to leg compressing units, you just never know which one fits right. Which is why a decent refund program is extremely essential for a good product experience. Many times we don’t like a product, and we wish to get the precious money we spent on it back. But many times we find ourselves stranded with a huge label saying “No refund, no exchange.”

Be sure that the leg compressing at least a good refund policy. Most ensure full refunds and returns within the first two or three months. Look for these as they are certainly more reliable than the others. And if you don’t like the product, you can get your money back! There may be some extra charges or conditions that you need to look out for though.

Check The Price Tag:

First things first, the price tag is the most important thing to consider. Most leg compressors cost under $75, and most expensive leg compressors for athletes cost around $1000. The price can be a bit expensive for many, but buying one is an important decision as an athlete. There are cheaper compression boots, but these are chiefly trivial, and most have no guarantee of their durability.

Compression socks work great too. These are made of premium fabric with varying thicknesses which can help overcome aches and disorders, such as athlete’s foot or Plantar Fasciitis. However, these are obviously lesser technologically advanced than leg compression machines for home, and definitely have lesser effectiveness.

Be sure to check for warranties or refund programs. Chances are you might not like the product, and without a refund, you could be risking your money.

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Look For A Good Warranty:

Warranties ensure that your product will be replaced and repaired for free up to a certain time. Most companies choose not to disclose their warranty policy publicly, while many require you to download a PDF version. Some even only give you the full details upon request by email. A good warranty policy is one which lasts almost 2 to 3 years, while many might even give a 10 or 20-year warranty.

In short, get some reassurance that your money isn't entirely gone. It is the case sometimes aswell with the circulation boosters you can find online so be careful.

To Conclude:

There isn't much to say now that you have seen the true power of leg compressing machines! A large number of people will try to get you away from these, but the best decision is in your hands, and only you can decide for sure!

When searching for the best leg compression machine for athletes, we found that the Rapid Reboot Recovery System is one of the best. We just couldn’t put it down, and neither will you!

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Leg compression machine for athletes
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