The Best Massage Chair in the World

Let’s face it; we all miss the cuddles, pampering, and care we got in our childhood. Now, we’re adults, yet, we can’t help but miss and crave for the same comfort and care. Adult life is tough and stressful, with all the people pleasing, hard work and what not.

If you agree, then worry not and rejoice! I have the perfect solution for your desires.

The best massage chair in the world has all the functionalities and comfort you desire. A quality massage chair alleviates many conditions. Conditions like migraines, muscle tension, stress, and insomnia. Moreover, it can provide a variety of soothing therapeutic massage techniques and therapies. These include characteristic healthful benefits.

I would insist you to sit back and relax while you read this article. But it’s not the same thing as sitting back and relaxing upon these awesome therapeutic massage chairs. So, I’ll hold it until you buy one for yourself after reading my article.

Our top pick for the Best Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is a brown colored recliner category massage chair. This innovative massage chair can provide a relaxing full body therapy using effective massage techniques. It has four massage techniques — Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling and Tapping. These can be operated at varying speed levels for the best comfort level. These massage programs are good for most types of pain-relieving needs.


It has a smart, compact design for best mobility and the least space coverage. The recliner chair massager incorporates a NASA inspired, Zero Gravity positioning system (more on this later). It has three-level air massage techniques and an array of airbags to enhance comfort and relieve pain. Its L-track massage system introduces heat and rollers extending from the neck and shoulders to thigh

the best massage chair in the world

It decompresses the spine, acutely amplifying comfort levels. A computerized automatic body scan technology provides a personalized stress level based massage. It has a dual foot massage roller system towards the lower feet side bloviates your feet of all weariness. For the hygienic purpose, it has extra room and padding for a foot massage. These include mobile and washable cotton.

This massage chair has six preset massage programs including shiatsu, kneading, and others in its different air massage options. A remote control of its massager brings all the settings at your fingertips. So, your massage stays uninterrupted while you personalize it.  Look no further; this massage chair can cover most of your needs, for the best bang for the buck. Furthermore, it comes with a good warranty period too.

the best massage chair in the world

They’re Expensive! What’s the Concept behind Massage Chairs?

So, how did the massage chair concept began and what makes the massage chair the best in the world? A massage chair is a highly technological and sophisticated invention. It uses modern techniques and ancient teachings to offer a wide variety of massages. It’s an automated robotic device with complex machinery and advanced programming pain reliever.

With the chair of our recommendation, you get much more than an ordinary massage. The best part is you get that from the comfort of your home. People get shocked by the price of these chairs compared to ordinary chairs. Look at the bigger picture. A high-quality massage chair saves you a lot of trips to a massage therapist, spa or chiropractic. Given how important those facilities are for your well-being, I’d say you’d be saving a lot of money in the long run.

Setting Up Your Priorities and Budget

The choice for the best chair in the world for you depends upon many factors. Most of these go unnoticed if the decision is rushed.

These factors include:

  • Purpose of buying,
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Types of massages
  • The area covered and overall dimensions
  • Weight
  • Design and color
  • Customer service,
  • Shipping policies
  • Warranty

A purpose includes post-job tiredness cure, intense sports weariness or medical condition therapy. Massage chairs also feature many handy premium features. These include a cup holder, armrest and reclining options.

Technologies like a built-in computer, computer scan technology, and memory functions can be included too. This is just a peek into what you may want to look at. The whole article will help you make a better judgment about your priorities. Keep reading!

Construction and design

All the good massage chairs have something in common, and you guessed it; durability! Massage chairs are an expensive investment. Therefore, durability is a paramount feature to have. The materials used should be sturdy and the design should be as less complicated as possible. Random parts sticking out are a big no.

Make sure that the chair has enough weight capacity for your use. Massage chairs take more space than ordinary chairs. It’s imperative that the chair can pass through your front door frame. The space doubles for reclining chairs. Make sure that it fits in your interior setting. Good reclining massage chairs like the one I recommended has a sliding mechanism at the base. Therefore, it stays in a fixed radius after shifting to the reclining position.

The last thing to consider is good colors and whether it fits your home or office décor. Massage chairs usually don’t fit well in your living room or drawing room. Look for a place where it can shine on its own for its futuristic aesthetic design.

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the best massage chair in the world

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair Technology

Zero Gravity is a term that pops up the most when reading about massage chairs. This technology was invented by NASA. During a spaceship launch, the astronauts are seated in this position. It provides astronauts with the best resistance against gravitational stress. It plays its part by making you weightless or at least simulating the same effects for your body by controlling blood flow.

Thus, it helps relax your back, spine, neck, and shoulders. It increases the efficiency of the lungs. Furthermore, it thoroughly improves the circulation within the body. The recliner chair is equipped with the Zero Gravity Massage Technology. It has a sliding mechanism too. This way, the Zero Gravity position doesn’t take a lot of unnecessary space.

Health Benefits of Massage Chair

There are ample benefits of a massage chair. Some of the ways it can help you are listed below.

  • Relieve your stress at home on a daily basis
  • Post-workout stretching and muscle spasm control
  • Improved the circulatory system
  • Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
  • The cure for the worst enemy of your sleep — insomnia
  • Well-earned relief from pesky migraines 
  • Therapy for aches and pains in feet and legs for active hardworking people
  • Helps control the blood flow and blood pressure for best functionality
  • A happy tummy —improved digestion & metabolism

Can You Use It Daily?

A constant massage can be quite therapeutic. Anyone who buys it routinely knows how happy and healthy they feel after each session. A good massage doesn't only covers you physically and work on your blood pressure. It can also cater to an emotional and psychological aspect of your being, vitalizing you to a whole.

Massage is no more considered a luxury treatment, but rather a need. What is the main advantage of having a phenomenal reclining massage chair? The consistent essential pampering and care you deserve. You can enjoy all of that, without going to a spa on a regular basis and spending money on a regular basis there. In a long run, a reclining massage chair is your go-to plan.

That is if you understand the importance of consistent massages for success in your life. To sum up, yes, you can definitely use it for extensive periods of time, daily for treating your ailing legs, feet, back, and spine.

Control system – Remote Control and Built-in Control Panel

There are two ways to control an Electric Massage Chair. It comes with a built-in control panel or a remote control. A good massage chair has both. The combination of both allows you to promptly control features. Features like speed level of massage, the intensity of massage and even the heat it provides! The remote is usually, wireless. The panel is embedded in. A control system helps you start or stop the massage with the click of a button. Now isn’t that a ton more exciting than going to a massage therapist?

It’s also imperative to check if you have individual control over airbags, rollers, and heat. To get the best and most personalized experience out of the chair, you need it. Automatic computer scan technology is also a feature to look for. It scans and offers an extremely personalized automatic massage based on your condition. Additionally, with a good memory system, you can save your favorite massage combinations. It means that for every event you can tap into them through your control panel. 

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the best massage chair in the world

Home Delivery Options and Reliability

A massage chair with cutting-edge technology, high-quality features, and durability is excellent. However, how will you get it in one piece? The first main aspect to consider is shipping policies.  The second is delivery options of the chair you have chosen.

 Why that is more important when it comes to these massage chairs, you ask? These chairs are heavy and must weigh over 200 pounds. My top pick weights around 250 pounds. Moreover, they’re quite bulky. Moreover, these chairs are expensive. Covering for any more shipping would really take a toll on your pocket. So, make sure to consider shipping cost before choosing.

Good Warranty and Covering for Your Hard-Earned Money

Now that you have the chair at home, what could go wrong? Well, you better ask, what can’t go wrong? These chairs are generally very durable. However, they’re still quite complex. They involve moving parts, wiring, microprocessors, and heavyweight. This makes up the recipe of uncertainty for if and when they will fail or error.

A good massage chair will have you covered with a warranty. After all, these chairs are very expensive and a prospected usage period lasts well over ten years or so. However, a warranty of around 3-5 years is considered the best in the market currently. Such a period is enough to judge whether a product is long lasting or not. A warrant also shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their fabrication.

The Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 has a 3-year limited warranty. So you can consider yourself well-covered. Consider too, the reliability and durability it offers based on massage chair reviews from the customers. So overall, you have for yourself, a long-lasting robotic massage therapist.

To sum up, make sure that the chair is backed up by a good 3-5 year warranty period. It should also generally depict durability from the massage chair reviews. 

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The best massage chair in the world offers the perfect solution for comfort. Be it, physical, emotional and psychological comfort after day-to-day weariness or sport. It also offers special therapy for various medical conditions. This highly technological robotic invention can save you a lot of money in the long run. That is if you’re a massage enthusiast. However, many proper considerations must be taken into account before buying it. These considerations include your purpose, quality of the chair, durability, features, and cost. Consider the shipping policies and warranty coverage before making the final decision, too.

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair & Recliner is my top pick. Considering all these aspects, it does a good job of offering the best bang for the buck and costs under $2000. AJX Distribution Inc, the pioneers, offers an excellent warranty with their chair. The warranty covers the cost of all parts, labor and structural framework of the chair. This is for the first year. The overall warranty extends to three years.

Rank your priorities and see if this chair fits in your life. Still confused? I recommend getting personalized consultancy from a licensed chiropractor.

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The Best Massage Chair in the World
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