Leg compression machine for lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition in which the fluid in the blood called the lymph has an impaired flow. The swelling caused by lymphedema can be highly irritating and severe. There is no such cure for the purpose but it is important to take measures to get the swelling off. One of the many measures is using a leg compression machine for lymphedema. The machine allows rhythmic movements to reduce swelling and help fight irritation (its a compression machine used in hospitals).

The Leg Compression Machine We Recommend For Lymphedema Patient

The sequential compression device by air relax is a great medical device to help reduce swelling. There are a number of different settings on this machine; each one of them can be set according to the recommendation of the physician or according to the severity of the swelling.

air relax compression boots

The system has a screen which shows your setting and every other detail that you require. One of the best things about this leg compression machine is that it is easy to carry and can be used anywhere

How Can Compression Machines Help With treatment of Lymphedema?

A wondered question among the patient is how compression machines can work for lymphedema. The procedure is not that complicated. The compression machines work like a pump for the blood circulation in the body improves the blood flow.

The rhythmic pumping movement of the machine allows the circulation to be better (same as the circulation machines we have reviewed). The excess lymph fluid that is collected in one place is moved in a natural way and becomes a part of the circulatory system again. 

However, it is important to ask your physicist about the right technique otherwise blood clots can be affect adversely. The wrong method takes the lymph liquid and can force it into the surrounding liquids if not done properly.

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The Two Types of leg compression machine for primary lymphedema

Compression machines mainly come in two different types of pumps that are used for lymphedema. They do not make much difference in the treatment but their preparatory techniques are different. The following are the two compression pumps.

Sequential gradient compression machine

The sequential compression machine or pump is a kind of a garment that is worn around the leg. It is an automated machine that pushes air at various levels of rhythmic movements in the air sacs that in the garment. These movements allow the lymphatic liquid to flow at a natural flow through lymphatic vessels.

The preparatory system of the usage of this type of machine is done manually. This machine is much easier to be used at home. However, it is important to ask your doctor about the position of the limb and the frequency of the settings. These factors will be judged by the severity of lymphedema.

Flexi touch pneumatic compression machine

The flexi touch type machine is a little different than the sequential machine. It is not only for one limp but it is for many different areas of the body. It is used for more severity of lymphedema where doctors need to make sure that the fluid is not accumulated anywhere else in the body after being removed from the limbs.

The settings are carefully adjusted for preparing for the procedure. The machine requires a special position and takes about an hour or so every day.

How to Use a Compression Machine

A compression machine for lymphedema is not like a regular machine. Getting it delivered on your doorstep is not the only thing you have to worry about. It is important that you know the severity of the disease and knows what procedure to use on your intensity. The most important thing is to first ask your doctor which one would suit you and be inconvenient for your health.

Take notes and ask your doctor and even observe them using it once you have the required machine. Tell them to give you all the hazards and safety details. Follow the positions that they want you to be in and ask them to help you explain the settings. Request your doctor to tell you which setup is used and for what situation should the said setup be used for so that you are most informed when you sue the machine.

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Does it Actually Work for the patients with lymphedema?

One of the biggest questions among medical professionals and patients of lymphedema is whether compression machines actually work or not. There is a lot of evidence that shows that this machine is actually useful for lymphedema.

Researches and experiments have shown the following positive outcomes of the compression machines. Lymphedema allows that the blood flow increase which will eventually be helpful to move around the stuck fluid. The pumping and systematic movements of the machine allow better circulation and remove swelling.

Studies show that people who have been using the machine have reduced their limb size drastically. The size of the limbs has lowered without being harmful to the tissue surrounding it, provided that the machine is used in an orderly fashion.

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where small blood clots tend to appear in veins. They occur deep in the body in the leg or thigh region. Even though it may not be dangerous in the initial stages, after a while it can be highly life-threatening as the clot travels to the lungs and cause a series of strokes. Using the compression machines can reduce the chances of DVT.

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compression machine legs for lymphedema

Research shows that it has prevented many strokes in patients that were prone to strokes. Another major disease in the veins of the body is ulcers. A sort of ulcer develops in the veins and causes a barrier in the circulatory system. Compression machines allow the reduction of the ulcers and even treatment to some extent.

Besides being helpful in lymphedema, it is also used for people that are recovering from fractures. The better circulation allows them to have a better chance and faster chance of being able to heal their tissue and become a strong bone once again.

Conclusively, you can see that compression machine have movements that make it a great option for lymphedema. They are sure to work according to many studies conducted and the best part is that they work for many other problems as well as lymphedema (for athletes for example).

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Final Words

Overall you can see that compression machines for lymphedema are a great option to buy provided you take the necessary measures by asking your doctor or lymphedema therapist. It is important to purchase the right one and use it according to the doctor’s prescription and use it regularly as suggested.

Our recommended leg compression machine for home therapy is mostly used in hospitals and it holds features that make it stand out for the treatment of lymphatic patient. However, it is still important that you get a green signal from your doctor before you decide to use it as your medical procedure.

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