Top 7 Best Back Massagers

If you have to deal with back aches and pains issues on daily basis then you need your very own personal back massager. The cause of lower back pain can be anything from injuries, to stress and inflammation. Your personal back massager is the best solution in this scenario because it will keep you going even when you don’t have any time for visiting a masseur.

This post on best back massager will enable you to understand various aspects associated with buying such an item. We will also provide you with our best recommendations for various reasons. Therefore, sit back, relax and read on to find out the solutions for your lower back pain once and for all.

So let’s get going then. 

Our recommended Best Back Massagers

The Back and Neck Massager by Zyllion is a specialist in Shiatsu. The cushion is equipped with a very soothing heat function. It also features three different massage styles. These styles include spot, kneading and rolling. The massager cushion also comes with a warranty of one year.

The best part of this massager is that you are able to customize the massage experience according to your preferences. You can do so by making adjustments to the massage rollers. You can make them focus on a specific area or can also make them move up and down for an excellent comforting feel. For an extra relaxing feel, you can turn on the heat with massage too.

You can use it for both your back and neck. In addition to that, you can enjoy different types of massages. The heat treatment is there as well. There are not many massagers available on the market that comes with all these properties and all this at a very convenient price too. Another excellent feature of this massager is that you can use it on any chair you want. You can either use it on your car seat or can also go for a sofa in your house or an office chair.

the best back massager

Top 3 Best Back Massagers

Our top pick

the best back massager

This shiatsu massager for your back and neck by Zyllion is our best back massager. The good thing is that you can also use it for your neck. It comes with different massage techniques and features three different intensity levels. You can use it with almost any chair or sofa too.

The cheapest

best back massager NURSAL

If you are tight on budget and don’t want to spend a lot of your hard earned money then you can also opt for the cheapest yet a good quality massager. It does come at a very affordable price. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on quality here.


best back massager Electric S-Track

There are people who want the best features and there are people who want the best price. However, some of you also go for a perfect balance. In this case, the maximum value is the best priority. If you are looking for such a value then go for the S-Track Massager from Ootori.

7 Best Back Massagers Reviewed

Our Opinion on this best personal massager:

  • FDA listed this product to deliver high quality and safest massage.
  • arrow-right
    Shiatsu neck and back massage.
  • arrow-right
    This massager acts as a heating cushion to calm your back.
  • arrow-right
    You can use this product at your office and home
  • arrow-right
    Zyllion takes additional steps to present soothing massage.
  • arrow-right
    You can enjoy Spa at home because it acts as a Spa treatment.
  • arrow-right
    This back massager provides a rolling massage for relaxing your backache.
  • arrow-right
    It helps to improve the circulation of blood in your body.
  • arrow-right
    The shiatsu therapy massage aids to relieve multiple achy muscles.
  • arrow-right
    This luxury massage comes with a sleek design and affordable for everyone. 
the best back massager

In short:

The FDA approved Zyllion massager delivers you a safe and high-quality massager. The aim of the Zyllion is to design therapeutic and innovative product at an affordable price. This versatile massager presents high-grade shiatsu therapy massage to improve the circulation of blood. The shiatsu therapy massage alleviates the achy and tight muscles of your neck and back. The sleek design of this ZMA-14 massager enhances the massage experience at office and home.

Additionally, this is the best back massager that presents spa-like treatments with additional features. The Zyllion massager helps to provide a blissful relaxation to your achy muscles. There is no need to waste your money to get professional shiatsu massage due to this versatile and best quality massager. It is equipped with a roller, multiple nodes, heating functions, auto-shutdown, vibration seat, remote controller and much more. It is an ideal gift for the person who wants shiatsu massage at home.       

Zyllion designed a stylish and an innovative massager provides a shiatsu therapy massage, which you can enjoy a massage at anywhere, anytime. This massager is ideal to relive your tensed muscles and plenty of common aches. It presents spa-like treatment to relax your achy muscles and give you blissful relaxation. There is a remote controller to operate it and you just sit back to relax your stressed muscles.

Furthermore, there are nodes to provide you a deep shiatsu kneading massage. You can get ease from knots, different aches, and tensed muscles. The four massage nodes are best for neck shiatsu massage and have the customizable option. This Zyllion massager comprises with a heating function to soothe your aching and tensed muscles effortlessly. It also improves blood circulation.

The Zyllion massager is ideally presented deep four kneading shiatsu therapy massager for your neck and back. You can use this product at lower, upper, or full shiatsu massage options on your back. You can also select the targeted area of your body to relax the achy and tensed muscles. The movable roller makes it popular that continuously roll to provide you an innovative rolling massage.  

This product comes with a sleek design to present chair straps for easy fit to the targeted area. The overheat protection feature automatically shut down this massager after 20-minutes continuous use. The seat also vibrates to relax the sore muscles of your back, neck, and thighs. You can control the intensity level of vibration as your requirements. The remote controller presents a convenient way to use this massager by one touch.

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Our Opinion on this cheap massager:

  • The Nursal massager helps to relive the tensed muscles and chronic pains
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    You can enjoy an innovative luxury massage to reduce pains and aches
  • arrow-right
    It presents complete back massage
  • arrow-right
    You can relax the stressed muscles of your neck
  • arrow-right
    The cushion offers vibrating massage
  • arrow-right
    The deep four kneading nodes present rolling massage to relive your muscles
  • arrow-right
    Works in two modes such as anticlockwise and clockwise    
  • arrow-right
    If you want back shiatsu massage then it is the ideal product
  • arrow-right
    The 3D rotating balls give your neck and back a blissful relaxation
  • arrow-right
    The seat of this massager vibrates and you can customize the intensity level as low, medium, or high
best back massager

In short:

The best back massager from Nursal soothe the sore muscles of your back. You can release the tension from muscles, different pains, and aches. This is ideal to relieve the sore, tightness, stress, and tension from your back. This massager can be used at home or office at any time. It offers a combination of three massages such as complete back massage, kneading neck massage, and vibrating cushion for hip massage.

Additionally, this product works in two modes like anticlockwise and clockwise. It is equipped with 3D rotating balls that manufactured to penetrate deeply into your tensed muscles. An adapter also comes with it that makes the use the massager easy. The cushion of the Nursal massager can use at any chair in the car, home, and office to enjoy a great massage.    

The Nursal specially designed it with 3D rolling balls that calm your tense tissues or muscles of your back. The deep kneading and rotating balls present a real therapeutic massage at home. The heating function also works with this massager to soothe your back muscles. There is an option to turn this heating function on or off.  

Moreover, you can use it in your car, home, or office due to its adapter. The adaptor uses DC and AC that make this product portable. The cushion of this massage chair is used separately to make any chair of your home or office the best massager. This seat offers three modes of vibration where you can customize the vibration intensity as low, medium, and high.      

The Nursal best back massager is safe to use due to the overheat protection feature. The massager automatically shut down the massager after 15-minutes continues usage. The auto-shutdown feature protects the massager from any damage. It also preserves the energy of the massager in case you forgot to turn off the massager. The four nodes rolling massager helps to relieve the stressed muscles and give you a delightful relaxation.

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Our Opinion on on this value for money massager:

  • This massager ergonomically designed to offers luxury massage
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    It focuses on the shoulder, neck, and lumbar area of your body
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    The Ootori massager designed according to the curves of the human body
  • arrow-right
    You can enjoy combination massages such as clapping, tapping, shiatsu, kneading, and air rolling massage
  • arrow-right
    This chair controlled by a micro-computer to provides numerous methods of intelligent massage
  • arrow-right
    The air rolling massage works with the latest technology of air massage that is more efficient
  • arrow-right
    There are thirty-one airbags that are around the shoulder, neck, palms, seat to present extra comfort
  • arrow-right
    It helps to cradles the whole body and provide more effective massage
best back massager Electric S-Track Full Body Massage Chair Shiatsu Massage Recliner Air Massage System Black

In short:

The frame of Ootori massager is prepared with stainless steel that increases the durability of this chair. The cooper motor enhances the efficiency of this massage chair. The power consumption is about 150W, the frequency is 50HZ to 60HZ, and the consumption of voltage is 120V.

Additionally, this massager offers heat therapy to the lower back of your body. There are two heating pads placed on the chair of the lower back area to enhance the therapeutic massage experience. The heat helps to release the tension from tightening and stressed back muscles.    

The company motivated by NASA technology and manufactured this massage chair by using two stages zero gravity position. According to a study, the position of zero gravity is a great position to enjoy a blissful massage. It helps to increase the level of comfort by aligning you back to thighs muscles. In this, the whole weight is virtually maintained by the backrest to enhance the massage intensity.

Nevertheless, this Ootori massager is equipped with leg extension and auto recline. These two important features make it the best value as compared to other products. You can enjoy fully automatic and luxury massage due to the effortless movement of this chair. The control panel provides a facility to operate it easily. The control panel has plenty of options to operate it such as the position of zero gravity, leg rest, foot extension, and recline of the backrest.   

The ergonomically designed S-Track massager chair has multiple nodes to relax your body. The focus of this ergonomic massager is on the shoulder, neck and the lumbar region of your body. However, this chair also provides you with a full body massage with multiple intelligent methods of massage. You can enjoy combination massages such as clapping, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, and air rolling massage.   

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Our Opinion on this professional back massager:

  • Ideal to release the tension from your shoulder, neck, and back muscles
  • arrow-right
    You can adjust the nodes to set the targeted massage area
  • arrow-right
    A system of overheating protection make this massager safe to use
  • arrow-right
    This is best for the travelers because it presents a deep-tissue massage and calming your whole body
  • arrow-right
    The clockwise and anticlockwise rotations are available
  • arrow-right
    You can choose lower back, upper back, and fullback zones for spot massages
  • arrow-right
    There is an adjustable width in the nodes of massages where your body easily fits
  • arrow-right
    The cover for back and neck are washable and detachable to keep the massage chair clean
best back massagers Snailax

In short:

The Snailax massager is the best back shiatsu massager to soothe soreness in the shoulder, neck, or back area. It helps to alleviate the persistent pain from your upper back, lower back, and center back. The Snailax massager also offers deep-tissue massage that is ideal for the travelers. You can feel rejuvenated and relaxed after massage in your own home.

Additionally, you can use the massage cushion on your dining chair, sofa, recliner, couch, or an office chair that provides an ultimate comfort. In the office, you can get a relaxing massage effortlessly while working. It helps to releases the tightness, stress, and fatigue from your muscles. At the home, you can rejuvenate while sitting on the sofa, couch or chair reading your favorite book and watching TV.          

The Snailax professional massage chair offers unique four nodes shiatsu massages that deliver deep-tissue massage on shoulder and neck. The two rotations of nodes are available. You can adjust the position of the node for getting a targeted massage. The heating function is optional for soothing the muscles of the shoulder and neck.

Furthermore, the four rotating nodes offer shiatsu massage for relaxing your upper back, lower back, and center back. The heating option is also available in shiatsu massage method that added the warmth to soothe chronic pain or tensed muscles. This chair is easy and safe to use due to the protective overheating system.    

There are two invigorating built-in massage node is configured in the seat, which gives a calm massage for thighs and hips. You can customize the intensity level because it offers two different level of intensity. You can also make the massage experience great by using the remote controller. The cover of back and neck is washable and detachable that increases the durability of this product. 

Our Opinion on this handheld massager:

  • The 3D mesh breathable fabric is used to enhance the heat dissipation
  • arrow-right
    You can customize the shiatsu massage to your back targeted areas
  • arrow-right
    There are three levels of intensities to adjust the vibration for hip relaxation
  • arrow-right
    The kneading 3D neck massage helps to relieve the tensed muscles
  • arrow-right
    Overheat protection system automatically shut down the device after 15-minutes of continuous use
  • arrow-right
    PU leather cover makes it hard-wearing, soft, and washable
  • arrow-right
    It does not produce noise because the motor is purely made by copper
  • arrow-right
    There are adjustable neck part where the different height people to enjoy the massage
best back massager Shiatsu Back Massager

In short:

You can adjust the position of four massage nodes around the neck area according to your preferences and height. The Keeptop massager is the best back massager because it presents full back massager. You can choose the specific back areas such as lower back, fullback, and upper back massage.

Moreover, the seat cushion is featured with three adjustable intensity level that provides vibrating buttock massage. You can choose the level of intensities according to your preferences. A fixed strap permits you to adjust the massager according to your chair for receiving appropriate pressure.

The Keeptop covered this massager with high-quality PU leather. The 3D mesh fabric increases the breathability and allows the mobility of nodes for massage. You can enjoy stress relief lifestyle in home, car, and office by using this product anywhere anytime. It comes with AC and DC adapters for easily use in car and home.  

Furthermore, there are four nodes specified for shiatsu massage, which is best for your neck. The deep kneading massage presents twelve nodes for massaging the lower back, upper back, and even full back. This shoulder massager not only provides a shiatsu and kneading massage but also provides you a thigh, and buttocks massage. The massager weight is the only 5.4kg that is easy to move.  

The massager is equipped with infrared built-in heating function, which is a more efficient or effective way to relive the fatigued muscles. The overheat protection system protects your device from any damage. After 15-minutes, continuous use the device automatically shut down. FCC, RoHS, and CE certification ensures to deliver the high-quality massage. You can store the handheld controller in a storage bag to keep the controller safe and room clean as well.   

Our Opinion on this sciatica pain relief massager:

  • The spinal decompression program gives improved tissue massage
  • arrow-right
    It uses the latest air massage technology
  • arrow-right
    There is a remote controller that is fully  user-friendly
  • arrow-right
    The fully automatic four programs deliver an excellent therapeutic experience
  • arrow-right
    There is an L-Track buttock massage system for relaxing your buttocks muscles
  • arrow-right
    It is ideal for those who have sciatica pain or sore muscles
  • arrow-right
    The remote controller allows you to control and adjust the functionality of this massager
  • arrow-right
    This massager presents an affordable and high-quality therapeutic massage
  • arrow-right
    You can manually set the targeted areas for massage to calming your muscles
  • arrow-right
    It is simply designed where no need of an extra tool to install and configure
best back massager RELAXONCHAIR

In short:

The company manufactured this RelaxOnChair with plenty of useful elements, which are affordable. An innovative roller helps to maintain the natural curve of your lumbar region. It is comprised with L-Track massage system that most valuable for those people who have lower back, sciatica, and other muscles related problem. A computerized built-in sensor detects the spine size and provides you with a personalized massage.

Furthermore, the deep tissue massage presents a program like a spinal decompression. You can also enjoy a professional therapeutic massage due to fully automatic four programs. There are five intelligent massage methods to massage manually such as tapping, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, and the combination of kneading and tapping.    

The Relaxonchair massager is the best back massager because it gives you affordable and premium full body massage. There are four automatic programs to gives you a professional therapeutic massage with the entire body program of stretching. The massage chair stretches the back and leg muscles out for relaxing the tensed muscles.

You can also choose the targeted massages because the manufacturer presents different massages methods. The massager includes tapping, kneading, shiatsu, rolling, and the combination of kneading and tapping. A built-in computerized sensor detects the length of the spine and gives you accordingly professional massage.     

Moreover, this best back massager uses the air massage technology that is uniquely airbags designed. This technology helps to releases the tension from the muscles and delivers a wonderful massage experience. The lumbar area is easily being fatigued because of constant movement, the strain of muscles, and poor posture. Therefore, two heating pads are configured in the lumbar region to relive the tensed muscles.

Our Opinion on this foldable professional massager:

  • This massage chair delivers deep tissue massage that relaxing the muscles
  • arrow-right
    You can custom the back and neck massage options according to your preferences
  • arrow-right
    The heating functions add the extra layer of relaxing, soothing, and comfortable massage experience
  • arrow-right
    The percussion and compression helps to calm your muscles
  • arrow-right
    There is a USB port where you can charge your phone and other accessories
  • arrow-right
    Easy to clean with a cloth
  • arrow-right
    Shiatsu massage for your neck
  • arrow-right
    You can use this ideal massage chair in traveling also because it is foldable 
best back massager Adjustable Folding Shiatsu Massage Chair

In short:

The Bruntmor massage chair is the best folding chair that increases the value as compared to other products. This Bruntmor portable chair is best for those who like to travel such enjoying any business trip and having fun with family. There are different health therapy and intensity level, which helps to regulate the blood circulation. 

Moreover, Bruntmor offers the seat that vibrates and giving your hips a calm massage. You can also choose the intensity level of vibration and adjust the level of massage for the neck. This is the best back massager because it presents shiatsu and other massages for calming your muscles.    

The highly durable and more versatile massager has a control panel where you can configure many massage options. You can control the vibration intensity like low, high, or medium as your need. You are able to adjust the different massage zone of the back like a fullback, middle back, lower back, and upper back.

Additionally, the neck massage is also adjustable according to your height. The heating nodes help to stimulate your back and neck muscles with kneading rollers. There is a USB port placed on the arm of the chair that is more useful to charge your cell phone or other accessories. You can enjoy your massage while reading books, watching TV, and using a cell phone.   

This best back massager offers you plenty of advantages such as helps to loosen tight muscles or sore muscles. It helps to reduce the tension, stress and other anxiety with improving the posture. You will also feel the relaxing and calming massage experience with boosts up energy. 

Tips on how to buy best back massagers 500

Now there is a huge range of neck and back massagers available on the market. Buying the right product that meets all your needs can become slightly overwhelming. Therefore, we have developed this buying guide for you to assist you in making the right decision.

The features to consider before buying are:

  • Massage techniques 

    You need to have a look at how many massage techniques does the massager that you are considering has to offer. Some massagers come with more than three massage techniques while others specialize in one. If you want a good variety then always go for more than one massage techniques. You will be able to change different techniques whenever you want. The most common techniques available are shiatsu, vibrations, and kneading.
  • Heat therapy feature 

    Most of the massagers come with heat therapy feature as well. Have you ever wondered why these massagers come with this feature? The massager uses heat to warm up your muscles. With heating, your muscles can easily stretch and work effectively. You’ll get the same experience as you warm up before a physical activity. Warming up improves the performance of your muscles and keep them relaxed during activity. A warmed up muscles has the capability of stretching and enables you to perform better.
  • Power source 

    Different back massagers run on the different power source. You will find battery operated massagers and you will find electricity based massagers. The battery operated massagers offer excellent portability and you can move around wearing them on your back without any issue. However, this is not the case when we talk about electricity based massagers. You need to be close with the wall mount so that the massager carries on to work.
  • Portability 

    Portability relies heavily on how a massager sources its power. All models of massagers don’t offer similar levels of portability. Some of the massagers come with very short power cables. For these massagers, you will need to be close to the power outlets. In such a scenario you can opt for an extensions cable. But that can add to your miseries too. The massagers that come with a long power cable offer some portability to a limited extent. These massagers will enable you to change your position with some ease and the cord won’t interfere with the movements. The massagers that run on battery and don’t come with any cables are highly portable. You will be able to move around without any ease.
  • Versatility 

    In most cases, you will find massagers that can treat your neck pain, backache, and shoulder pain. However, with other massagers, you can also massage other regions of your body. When it comes to the versatility of the massager, size is the biggest factor.
  • Size 

    With the different size, you are able to use the massager for different body parts. It allows you to move the massage pillow with ease. If you want a massage for your lower back, hips or thighs then you will have to go for a large-sized option. If you also want to massage your neck, shoulders and arms or legs then you can also go for a medium sized massager. It will be small enough to work on these areas but will be large enough to treat your lower back and thigh regions as well.
  • Massage Nodes 

    The number and distribution of massage nodes are also very important. These two aspects also determine the versatility of a massager unit. The units that come with a good number of nodes will offer good massage capabilities for massaging large areas. The units that come with a small number of nodes are better for treating small body parts.
  • Weight 

    The weight of a massager is also relevant when it comes to portability. If a massager is lightweight then you will be able to move it around with ease. If a massager for your neck or back is heavy then you will not feel comfortable at all particularly if you want your massage session to carry on for long.
  • Hand pockets 

    Most of the back massagers and units for neck also come with hand pockets. These pockets enable you to place your hands throughout the session. Another advantage of these pockets is that they allow you to move your hand with ease and without disturbing the position of your massager. This is an exceptional feature particularly if you like doing your chores during the massage sessions. Some of the massagers come with vibration feature in these pockets too which will massage your hands and wrists.


The shiatsu massager for your neck and back from Zyllion is the best back massager. There are three different massage techniques that this massager unit can use to massage your neck and back. You can either focus on one area of your body or him massage nodes can travel up and down as well. The heat function is also there in this massager that makes your muscles relax without any issue.

You need to consider different functions before you buy a back massager. It must cater all your needs otherwise you will end up overspending. Versatility and portability are two of the biggest features that you must consider while buying a back massager.

We hope you have found this article interesting and informative. For any questions or suggestion, you can leave a comment below.

Happy comforting!

Top 7 Best Back Massagers
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