Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A zero gravity massage chair is the best option if you want to relax after a tiresome day. It will put in you the same position as an astronaut during blast off. However, you don’t need to prepare yourself for a space launch. The high-recline position of the chair will make sure to get rid of all the stress from your spine. It will lift your feet above your heart during the massage.

Now, there are a huge number of such chairs available on the market. Finding the best one to serve your purpose might feel a bit eschewing task. Different brands offer different features. These features are best suited to solve various issues or meet different needs. You can use some additional manual techniques for massage such as kneading, Shiatsu, tapping, rolling, and the combination of kneading and tapping techniques using these massage chairs.

Here, we will provide you with six of the best zero-gravity massage chairs that money can buy. Furthermore, we will also provide you with some important tips that you can use while buying such a product. This guide will enable you to avoid overspending a get the maximum out of your investment.

Let’s have a look at each of them briefly.

Our recommended Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This Massage Chair by Kahuna is available in four different colors with black being the latest addition. There are six different automatic preset programs that you can choose from. Plus, there is a timer button that allows you to set the massage or treatment timing for up to 30 minutes.

The chair features dual-layered airbags for shoulders and extra padding for your feet too. You will also find a remote control holder on the armrest for additional convenience. Its Air-Cell massage technology makes your entire body feels the effects of massage.

You can conveniently place this space-saving massage chair anywhere in your office and at your home. You can either start your day with a refreshing massage or relax your muscles at the end of a hectic day before going to bed. The LM-6800 gets along well with the interiors too.

the best zero gravity massage chair

Top 3 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Our top pick

the best zero gravity massage chair

It features L-Track Massage System that boasts a roller trail design. With this design, your neck and spine remain aligned all the way through to your buttocks. The shape enhances the effects of massage all across your body.

Furthermore, the shape and design of this chair stay space saving and you can place it anywhere in your room with convenience. You can conveniently make adjustments to the speed and there are five different manual massage methods also available.

The cheapest

best zero gravity massage chair ootori

The massage chair from Ootori is one of the best options to look for if you are a little short on budget. The chair boasts zero-gravity features along with air massage. It comes with 3-year warranty and has six different massage modes. Furthermore, it also features four different preset massage programs.


best value best zero gravity massage chair

The design of this massage chair enables you to control it single-handedly using remote. The chair features firm yet gentle rollers for massage and comes with four different preset programs. In addition to that, there are three different intensity levels of the airbags along with three different levels of massage controls.

6 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviewed

Our Opinion on Kahuna Massage Chair:

  • L-Track roller massage system
  • arrow-right
    Effective massage with air-cell massage system
  • arrow-right
    Zero gravity position helps to save the spaces
  • arrow-right
    Use combination massages as well
  • arrow-right
    Computerized body scanning technology scan your body size
  • arrow-right
    Foot padding for relaxing your feet
  • arrow-right
    Six programs automatically work
  • arrow-right
    Yoga stretch massage helps to increases the blood circulation
  • arrow-right
    Remote holder for your ease and use it to control or adjust the programs and massages
  • arrow-right
    SH-Chiro program helps to release pressures from a sensitive part of the body
  • arrow-right
    Five massage techniques work manually
the best zero gravity massage chair

In short:

The zero gravity position is a most effective way to enjoy an effectual massage. It helps to relieve the stress from the body and gives you a deeper and intense massage experience. The space-saving technology simply needs 3-inches away from the wall for position transition. Therefore, no extra space is required in the back.

Kahuna designed this chair to awaken the sensation of stretching from your entire body. You will experience the spine pressure relief from the body after using the SH-Chiro program. The targeted areas of massage include lower and upper back with the entire body. There are multiple manual techniques of massage such as rolling, kneading, shiatsu, and more.  

The structural design of a Kahuna massage chair comes with ergonomic zero-gravity massage chair that provides the exotic massage experience. The compact size of this chair allows you to place it anywhere in your home for feeling relaxed. With the zero gravity position, you are able to enjoy a therapeutic massage that helps to release the pressure from your body.

Additionally, it is equipped with space-saving technology that just requires 3-inches from the wall for the chair transition. Therefore, you can easily align this chair with your furniture in the room. This chair also provides you yoga stretching programs to the awakening sensation of your whole body. It will increase blood circulation and presents a refreshing body.

The SH-Chiro program of this massage chair targets your spinal to unlocking nerve energy. It helps the flow to goes down your spine in a better way as well as throughout your complete body. After this, you will feel relax and spine pressure relief. Few extra features include foot padding for relaxing your feet during the massage and the remote holder for your convenience.

Moreover, Kahuna massage chair uses unique and innovative Air Cell Massage Technology that uses a minimum air cell to cover the surface area. It allows you to take pleasure with a high-quality massage that performs quieter for giving your relax feeling. Computerized bodies scan technology automatically scans your body size and you can customize the body massage with ease.

Kahuna massage chair works with L-track system that is a shape of a roller trail. It provides the best support to your buttocks, back to neck, zero gravity position decompress every spine separately of the body, arms, shoulder, hips, waist and enhances the massage effects.

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Our Opinion on OOTORI Massage Chair:

  • The high-quality synthetic leather is used in its covering
  • arrow-right
    Approved by FDA and provide a durable luxury massage chair
  • arrow-right
    Enjoy kneading, heating, tapping, vibration and much more
  • arrow-right
    The company offers you 3-year warranty and great customer services
  • arrow-right
    Have real from head to toe massage for calm down your stressed muscles from top to bottom
  • arrow-right
    You can customize the type of  massage by using the remote controller
  • arrow-right
    Relaxing in both ways physically and mentally
  • arrow-right
    The zero gravity position provides an ideal support to your back and neck
best zero gravity massage chair ootori

In short:

The OOTORI massage chair presents you six modes of massage that are heating, vibration, kneading, air pressure, knocking, and shiatsu. There are total eight massage points work collectively in head to toe massage with air massage inside of the backrest. You can enjoy personal customization for entire body air massage to your shoulder, calf, arm, and buttock.      

The zero gravity helps to align back to the thigh that can provide whole support to your back, neck and the lumbar section. For that reason, it permits you to enjoy relaxed deep feelings to your complete body. This chair permits you to have three stages of zero gravity positions.   

FDA approves the OOTORI massage chair. The cover of this fully featured chair is made by high-grade synthetic leather, which is softer and provides high durability. This chair offers you to enjoy multiple massage techniques such as heating, zero gravity, vibration, kneading, foot roller, shiatsu, knocking, airbags, and air pressure.

The heating system of this chair presents an outstanding body shiatsu massage. The built-in arm linkage keeps your arm in relaxing mode. You can enjoy head to toe real massage with the combination of other massages for refreshing your body. The luxury and soft cover give you the ultimate comfort and help to release the pressure from your sensitive areas of the body.

Moreover, this OOTORI chair is considered as an entire body massage chair that is perfect for the tired and full stressed body. You can relax your entire body and some specific part of the body occasionally in both ways physically and mentally. You can use a remote controller to customize your massage technique and get your own advanced therapy of comfort in your home.                

The heater is embedded inside the seat of this massage chair whereas footrest assists to decrease the discomfort reasoned by overworked or overstressed strained. This heating system helps to improve the blood circulation and improve metabolism as well. After the sedentary activity, you can relax your muscles by using a seat vibrator.

However, you can enjoy personal customization for entire body air massage to your shoulder, calf, arm, and buttock. Four auto programs and a foot roller massages the bottom area of your feet for relieving the tensions from your feet. The company offers you 3-year warranty and it ships three packages with complete tools.

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Our Opinion on this zero gravity massage chair:

  • Special buttock L-Track massage system
  • arrow-right
    Advanced deep tissue massage gives a spinal decompression program
  • arrow-right
    Therapeutic high quality and affordability massage
  • arrow-right
    No tool required for maintenance because it is fully assembled
  • arrow-right
    Four complete automatic program
  • arrow-right
    Five specific targeted manually massage for relaxing specific areas
  • arrow-right
    Computerized body scanning
  • arrow-right
    A user-friendly remote controller that is convenient for you to adjust and control its functions
  • arrow-right
    Use of air massage technology
best value best zero gravity massage chair RELAXONCHAIR

In short:

The REXONCHAIR is featured with multiple high exceptional quality elements that are affordable. It has an innovative roller, which helps to contour the spine’s natural form. The L-Track massage system is beneficial for those who have sciatica, lower back, and other muscles problems. It comes with deep tissue massage that provides a spinal decompression program.

Furthermore, this RelaxOnChair is equipped with four complete automatic programs for giving you professional massage therapy. Another five specific targeted manual massages are accessible by using this chair such as rolling, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, and the combination of kneading and tapping. The built-in computerized sensor detects the size of the spine for giving personalized massage to enjoy the most rejuvenating kneading.

You can enjoy the rejuvenating massage by using this RelaxOnChair because it comes with a system that gives you an entire body massage. The body massage system includes three basic functions such as fully automatic program, computerized scanning of the body, and manual targeted massage. It is easy to configure and compile this chair because it doesn’t need any special tools.

The zero gravity raises your feet to the equal height as your heart to minimize the gravity strain on vertebrae. As this position, your heart will work less, feel comfortable from back pain, and you feel more relaxed. This chair is comprised with a TRUE zero gravity position, which evenly distributes the body weight for providing a better support.

Additionally, unique airbags are designed strategically to decreases the muscle tension independently and give you a magnificent calming effect. Acupressure is applied to feet, hips, shoulders, calves, and feet through the airbags where you can control the intensity of airbag.     

The back pain is most common due to the pitiable posture in today’s robotic world. There are many reasons to have back pain such as the strain of muscles, constant movement, and lifting a heavy object. Therefore, a RelaxOnChair is featured with the lumbar back heating system. It has two heating pads, which is located in the lumbar area and back for releasing tension and relax your aching muscles as well.  

However, for aesthetic and stylish look the accessible remote controller is redesigned. You can easily operate multiple operations by using this portable remote controller. It has a large screen to easily view the current activated function

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Our Opinion on Forever Rest Chair:

  • Seven variant massage techniques
  • arrow-right
    Yoga stretch provides your muscles with a complete stretch
  • arrow-right
    This chair is ideal for those who have a backache
  • arrow-right
    Offers foot rolling with calf acupressure for resting your feet
  • arrow-right
    At one touch you can enjoy four automatic programs
  • arrow-right
    It presents this chair with four automatic program modes
  • arrow-right
    Affordable massage chair with high-quality material
  • arrow-right
    Present high-quality massage for releasing the body muscles
best zero gravity massage chair forever rest chair

In short:

This premium quality chair is comprised of an intelligent track with roller mechanism that gives you a deep, healthy, and great massage experience. Forever Rest Chair offers full body yoga stretch along with seven manual massages such as rolling kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, shiatsu, and other combination massages.

Moreover, it offers you a comfortable vibration seat where you can relax your muscles after doing some activities. By using a remote controller, you can get pleasure through four automatic massage programs at one touch. The four automatic massage modes include relax, recover, stretch, and swing modes.

The stretch mode is also identified by yoga stretch. Firstly, this Forever Rest Chair will squeeze legs and feet then pull your feet and legs down to ground whereas pulling your upper body by backrest in the recline position. This is the ideal massage chair available on the market, which is specially designed as a large pull area.

The Forever rest chair also provides you a rolling foot with acupressure massage that comes with reasonably priced. You are able to get a massage that is more relaxing because you can enjoy the rejuvenating massages such as foot, foot rolling, and calf acupressure. It offers you a warranty of 5-years on steel body and frame, and 3-year on all electronic parts.

It also offers you to enjoy foot elongation that is especially proposed for taller users where push out on the footrest extend the legs outwards almost up to 8-inches.

Generally, most of the massage chairs just give you a relaxing massage but this Forever Rest Chair increases the blood circulation as well as helps to rejuvenate massage that is more effective. A true zero gravity technology is embedded in it while preparation that helps to give you a relaxed feel. 

Our Opinion on Uenjoy Massage Chair:

  • Comprises with zero gravity technology that evenly distributes weight across the chair
  • arrow-right
    Offers you a 14 rounded massage to relaxing your backache
  • arrow-right
    Deluxe and professional level massage chair stressed down from your muscles
  • arrow-right
    Ergonomically designed make it a more popular chair
  • arrow-right
    The finest leather is used for making its cover to giving you a comfortable and soft surface
  • arrow-right
    Comes with a remote controller to adjust the massage intensity
  • arrow-right
    Pulsed massage also provides facility to relax your muscles
  • arrow-right
    Equipped with calf scalability where you can adjust reclining angle
best zero gravity massage chair Uenjoy Massage Chair

In short:

This deluxe professional level massage chair gives you an enjoyable and comfort massage at home. Uenjoy manufactured a zero-gravity massage chair that easily spreads the person’s weight evenly across the chair. This zero gravitational design relaxes your stressed muscles and gives you physical and mental relaxation.     

Uenjoy has embedded the fourteen fix rounded massages, pressures, kneading, and vibration massages at the back of the massage chair. This full body massage chair comes with airbags and heating technology for getting comfort at any time. The company has constructed it with high-quality leather material that gives you a comfortable and soft surface.    

The Uenjoy massage chair is equipped with a calf scale that performs two tasks. You can adjust the height according to your needs. It gives you maximum 10 cm to 15 cm height adjustments. You can also adjust the reclining angle by using a remote.

The fourteen fix rounded massages give your back ultimate comfortable massages such as pressures, kneading, and vibration massages from the back of the chair. The airbags and heating technology allows you to relax your muscles in your own room.   

Uenjoy prepared this massage chair with an ergonomic design that uses the premium quality leather to make it comfortable and soft. There is a heater in the interior of the seat and this increases the blood circulation with improve metabolism. Furthermore, the arm section of this chair is ergonomically designed that gives you a relaxed and comfortable feeling while massaging.

The zero gravity design simply spreads the person’s weight across the chair evenly. It also helps to calm down your stressed muscles and end up with a physical and mentally relaxed body.

It also includes a plug switch that allows you to easily control it with a single hand. The company has made the pulsed-massage for space capsule arm and arm sections. The cushion of this chair comes with vibration gasbag that gives you a rejuvenating massage. Whereas, a heating function is also embedded for relaxing your legs.

Our Opinion on Ideal Massage Chair:

  • 5 minutes to 30 minutes head to toe massage
  • arrow-right
    3D intelligent humanized hands detect and give you a relaxing massage
  • arrow-right
    True zero gravity position
  • arrow-right
    S-track rolling system
  • arrow-right
    The vibration seat increases the blood circulation
  • arrow-right
    Four variant massage function available  
  • arrow-right
    Ergonomically design make it more popular
  • arrow-right
    Equipped with automatic and manual mode
  • arrow-right
    Heat therapy in the back
best zero gravity massage chair ideal massage chair

In short:

This luxury massage chair delivers a relaxing, therapeutic, and rich massage to melt down your stress away from head to toe. The rolling technique includes the fixed points of rotating fingers for a direct effective massage that stretches out. The vibrator helps to increases the blood circulation.    

The kneading technique helps you to decrease the muscular pain. Whereas, the company has embedded the seat cushion with a vibrator that provides you a relaxing seat. The demanded shiatsu technique of massage through power roller gives an effective massage experience by decreasing fatigue, stressed out muscles, and professional masseuse.

The Ideal Massage Chair is one of the popular choices due to uninterrupted 30-minutes massage. Furthermore, you are able to choose the massage types and timing of the massage from head to toe from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. It comes with real humanized massage hands that detect and gives you a long massage to relax your stressed muscles.

It offers you four auto programs, you can choose in one touch and enjoy the relaxation. These four massage functions include spinal rolling, shiatsu, vibrating, and kneading. It also has an automatic mode that ensures you to adjust and control the back roller even during the massage. You can also enjoy a single massage as well as enjoy a combination massage.

Furthermore, you can fully control this chair during massage such as you can adjust the speed, intensity, airbags etc. A built-in heat therapy in the back of the Ideal Massage Chair presents stress-free muscles. The therapeutic airbag is embedded into the arms, shoulders, foot, calves, and seat area.

The six simulating kneading balls have unique positions in your feet to add deeper and stronger massage. These airbags massage comes with two intensity levels and you can choose the one at a time according to your need and preferences.  For increasing the comfort level just touch a button to activate the true zero gravity position.

Tips on how to choose a zero-gravity massage chair

There is a huge range of zero-gravity massage chairs that you can find on the market. Therefore, selecting the right option to cater to your needs seem a bit dubious. Hence, you must emphasize the functions and features of each of the model of the massage chair that you are considering to buy.

  • Identify your needs and prioritize them 

    Before purchasing a massage chair you must be clear in your mind that why are you buying it.  Maybe you are buying it to release some stress and relax after a tiresome day. Or maybe you want to treat some mental or physical condition. Maybe you just want a massage chair just because everyone in your community circle has it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Furthermore, some of you might give preference to aesthetics over functionality and vice versa. This way you will be able to narrow down the options from which you have to make the final decision. You will be able to find the right option and will avoid overspending too.
  • Set the budget 

    After scanning through the options, now you need to set your budget. You don’t want to overspend and also don’t want to be too limited in terms of features. Focusing on the price range will further narrow down your options and make your purchase decision easier.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you have a tight budget, then look for the basic features of a massage chair.  Keep this thing in mind that buying the most expensive chair doesn’t mean that it will deliver the highest value too. Sometimes a high price tag of a chair means that it focuses more on aesthetics than on functionality.
  • Design & construction 

    If you want to extract more value out of your investment then your massage chair needs to be very durable. Make sure that the chair you are looking to buy has high-quality materials for construction. These materials make the chairs sturdier for an extended period.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          These chairs come with their own weight limit. You should also have a close look at the size, construction, and color that goes with your interior too. In most cases, all chairs need to have ergonomically designed to keep your body maintain its natural position.
  • Massage coverage 

    One of the most important aspects of a massage chair is its massage coverage. Some chairs come with specific coverage focusing on certain body regions or parts. On the other hand, some models come with designs to provide you with full body coverage. The full body massage chairs are expensive as compared to rest of the models.
  • Preset programs and massage techniques 

    Various models come with different preset programs and massage techniques. You can select each of them according to your needs and preferences. Various massage techniques and styles include shiatsu, kneading, rolling and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The low-end massage chairs will come with a few vibration features. On the other hand, manufacturers equip the high-end models with many preprogrammed settings and massage styles for extra comfort. The expensive options allow you to change the intensity of massage too.


To conclude, we would like to highlight again the top pick product and why we recommend it. The Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by Kahuna is an excellent option because it comes with six different preset programs. You can enjoy up to 30 minutes of massage on it. There is extra foot padding along with airbags for your shoulders.

The massage chair can lift your feet and legs above your heart and take pressure off your spine. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and assembling id very easy. The massage chair is available in four different colors and you can pick one that suits well with your interior décor.

There are different types of massage chairs available and all of them come with different features. You need to understand what do want from your massage chair. You have to understand what specific needs and preferences you have and then consider an option for purchasing. This way you will keep your spending under check at all times.

We hope this post will help you in finding the best massage chair that meets your needs. If you think that we missed out on something, then let us know by leaving your comment below.

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Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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