Lymphatic Drainage Machine for Home Use

Lymph is the fluid that is left behind after blood flows through an area. It contains most of the fluid component of the blood without any of the cells. Lymph accumulation occurs in the peripheral parts of the body commonly due to poor circulation.

This means that the lymph is unable to drain into its intended channels and accumulates in the body causing you to gain weight and has a number of other effects on your body. We will discuss with you, the advantages of having a lymphatic drainage machine for home use

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The Carejoy Air Pressure Massager Lymph Drainage machine has a microcomputer control. This makes it very easy to operate and set up according to your needs. It works with the help of a large tube that allows it to work on a number of modes.

You can customize the timing, orientation, fast and slow selection modes according to your personalized requirements. It works to improve the organization of loose skin and improving lymph drainage. It helps promote weight loss and the removal of a number of toxic elements from the body.

Best For whom?

This machine helps to remove waste and toxins from the body that makes it highly suitable for not only weight loss and skin reorganization at the salon but it has a number of remarkable advantages as well. A lymphatic Drainage Machine is equally suited for dizziness, neurological problems including neurasthenia, headaches, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol.

The machine can also help to decrease belly and leg pains that may be due to disorders of the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system or respiratory system of the body. It can also help with quite a few symptoms of psychosis and menopause and helps to achieve different health functions.

The machine even has preventive functions for different disorders of the body that develop with age. It is thus, a multipurpose machine that can help with a variety of functional problems.

Eliminates Fatigue

Lymphatic fluid is the fluid that normally flows through the body and drains into your blood circulation in the neck. It is when this flow is interrupted or undisturbed that the problems arise. The natural function of lymph is to remove the build-up of toxins in the tissues of the body.

We live in a world where the very air we breathe is full of toxins; lymph is our body's way of purifying and cleaning itself. It is also important to understand that the body metabolizes different nutrients in different ways.

The waste products from those nutrients can be either harmful or beneficial. A build-up of these waste products causes the cells to reduce function. The body no longer works with optimization and so you feel fatigue. The tiredness of your muscles and mind is an indication of the build-up of harmful substances in the body that decrease your functionality.

So it is through the restoration of lymphatic drainage that all of these toxins can be flushed out of your system. And so it helps to relieve long-standing fatigue.

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Relieves pain and stress

Lymphatic drainage machines work to increase both the inflow and outflow of lymph from different parts of the body. This helps to improve the removal of toxins and harmful metabolites. It also helps to revive the buildup of lactic acid from muscles all over the body.

Lactic acid is the chemical that is one of the most widely implicated substances in regards to muscle pains and body aches. This increased circulation of lymphatic fluid helps to leech off all the harmful chemicals and leave behind only healthy nutrition for the body to enjoy. Similarly, stress is the body's natural response to needs not met.

It is when blood circulation or lymphatic circulation is impaired that the body starts to feel the effects of stress which happens to create a self-fulfilling cycle of stress, which leads to decreased circulation, which leads to even further stress.

Promotes blood Circulation

Lymph flows through the body via specialized channels called lymphatic vessels. While they may be like arteries or veins that carry blood around the body, there are differences in the sense that the flow of lymph is much slower through the body.

Since lymph is the fluid left behind after arteries push a small of their fluid out, it takes its sweet time going back to enter the blood. An increase in lymphatic circulation can help to optimize blood circulation as well. The lymph can act as a signal that directs blood flow to the areas that need it most.

Also, the lymphatic drainage systems usually employ a pressure system that increases both lymphatic and blood circulation through different parts of the body. This further helps to resolve any edema and improve the removal of toxins from the body. It also helps to relieve fatigue and stress of both the mind and the body.

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Weight Loss

As we have discussed previously, lymphatic fluid can drain into the neck in a physiological perspective. Due to a multitude of reasons, this drainage may be impaired. This leads to a backflow accumulation of lymph in the body, beginning from the dependent and peripheral parts, typically the feet and legs.

This tends to spread from the legs upwards through the abdomen and into the arms, eventually reaching the chest. This produces weight gain that is not due to fat. It may appear as though the person is gaining fat, but the increased fluid is what is causing the swelling of the body.

Increased in lymphatic flow helps in reviving this built up fluid in the body. It thus helps to relieve weight gain due to the lymphatic fluid. It helps you lose weight and helps to optimize your body so that it is in the best possible shape.

Detoxification of body

Detoxification is a major aspect of lymph drainage therapy. The toxins in our bodies can be endogenous or exogenous in origin. They can be anything from air pollutants to day-old food. Toxins are everywhere. Our skin can absorb them through our mucous membranes or through food and water or through the very air we breathe.

The body has its own system to combat and remove these toxins. It does so by leeching them off into the lymphatic fluid that collects it due to the high number of white blood cells. These white blood cells can handle substances that are harmful to the body. They either incapacitate these substances entirely or limit their toxicity until they can be removed from the body entirely.

Our personal opinion

We have laid out for you some of the most important advantages of having a lymphatic drainage machine for home use. With all of the health benefits they provide, they are practically a must for homes where people suffer from chronic muscle aches, high degrees of stress, impaired blood flow, and high cholesterol.

We have also recommended what we think is one of the best lymphatic drainage machine systems. Your needs may vary, however. You should then decide according to what machine suits you best.

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Lymphatic Drainage Machine for Home Use
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