Leg Massager for Edema

Edema complication can arise in different locations of the body depending on the condition. If managed properly, it can allow you to remain perfectly functional in your daily life. So what is edema? If you’re looking for a leg massager for edema you probably already know that is the pooling of fluid in the body because of abnormalities in venous circulation that causes the fluid to leak out of the veins in the body.

Leg massagers make a great addition to a clinic especially if you are a physician, chiropractor or a massage therapist. It is also a great tool to be used by individuals on an out-patient basis, to manage their edema. What are the basic features that you should look for when shopping for a leg massager for edema?

Here we will discuss in detail, all of the features that are important to keep in mind when looking for a leg massager that suits your needs well. We will also recommend a product that we think fulfills all of these requirements and is one of the best leg massagers currently available.

Our top pick for Leg Massager for Edema

Our recommendation for the best leg massager is the Air Relax Compression Device. It is a compression pump and leg massager that comes with a variety of different features that makes it our best pick. First of all, it boosts blood circulation. Secondly, it comes with three sleeves for the arms, waist, and boots and works to alleviate edema. Furthermore, the Air-Relax Compression Device has four advanced modes that can be alternated between. You can switch between a peristaltic, sequential, massage therapy and auto mode. The auto mode entails a combination of the peristaltic and sequential settings.

leg massager for edema

Different types of massage therapy work very well for boosting blood circulation. It is a therapist-recommended device too and great for use by people suffering from sports injuries, primary lymphedema, post immobilization edema, and venous insufficiencies. It is a good option for foot massage as well and you can use it on your ankles too. The device works well to work on any lymph damage caused by an injury. Compression therapy works like a miracle in this case.

The Air-Relax comes with a boot size that Air-Relax has standardized as four pressure settings. You can adjust between these pressure settings based on your own requirements. It is low maintenance and you can easily plug it into any household outlet. It features an automatic 15 minutes shut-down cycle for extra safety. You can alter the speeds of massage strokes too.

How leg massager with multiple Sleeves help in edema?

Edema is basically swelling, or pooling of fluid. It is more likely to occur in the legs and feet and other dependent parts of the body because of gravity. But it can be present anywhere and treatment can be cumbersome. It can be localized to the arms and legs or can be generalized. It is important when dealing with a massager to have multiple sleeves. This allows you to manage more local edema specifically.

Similarly, in sports injuries, the swelling and edema can be localized to the area of the injury. These massagers help to decrease edema and improve range of motion. They also help the patient attain mobility especially if they are suffering from post immobilization edema. The sleeves usually come in a standard size and then can be adjusted according to your specific requirements. Or, if you require larger sizes, they can be ordered separately.

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Equally suitable for home and clinic use

The main feature that it must possess is the suitability for both home and clinic use. It must be equally beneficial to those using it in a clinic as to those who wish to receive its benefits on a more regular and personal basis. It should be set up easily and have a variable number of settings. This would allow the leg massager to be able to cater to a number of different etiologies of edema.

Our Air-Relax devoice recommendations fulfill most of these requirements. You can use it with absolute ease in both clinics and at home. You can also store it conveniently and can plug it into any home outlet. There is nothing better than having a device that can alleviate your pain and discomfort at the push of a button and that too, within a few minutes.

Don’t use leg massager as a substitute for a medical treatment

No one can deny the benefits of leg massagers in reversing edema. However, you should remain clear that you cannot use these leg massagers as a substitute for professional medical treatment. It is also important to understand that while doctors may recommend the use of these devices at home, they should not be used without taking a doctor's opinion first.

In some conditions, you think that a leg massager is just the right choice for you. While this may be true in most cases, a professional opinion helps to rule out a number of conditions in which a leg massager may just have the opposite effect and may eventually end up worsening of the condition.

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In what conditions, a leg massager for edema is suitable?

There are a number of conditions that allow for the appropriate use of a leg massager. These conditions mostly involve those of the circulation that can lead to extravasations of fluid from your blood vessels and into the surrounding tissue.

The ideal conditions include primary lymphedema, sports injuries, sports recovery, post-immobilization edema, venous insufficiencies, and lymphedema. It is highly useful for issues like restless leg syndrome and muscle spasms. You can also use to reduce swelling. However, it is still best for you to start using a leg massager following a recommendation from an authentic medical professional to improve the blood flow.

Safety measures

As with all medical and therapeutic devices, it is best to make sure they have a number of safety measures. Compression leg massagers mostly deal with compression of the legs to improve venous return to the heart. These measures prevent any further damage from over-use of such a device. It must have an auto shut off feature after a certain period of time.

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Leg Massager for Edema

Our personal opinion

While no product is perfect, it is important to understand that there are those that are better than most. A leg massager can be a great addition to your clinic if you see frequent cases of lower extremity edema.

The Air-Relax can also be a great addition to your home if you suffer from frequent complaints of pedal and leg edema. However, your doctor or physiotherapist should approve its use at home. No doubt, it can help to reduce discomfort and pain varies significantly and can also restore your productivity.

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Leg Massager for Edema
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