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Is your workout the right way? we’re all beginning to learn staying in shape doesn’t mean looking good. Because your first priority is to feel good. If your workout is leaving you exhausted and sore then that’s a good sign! But shouldn’t you give your body a hand in the healing process? This is why today we’re going to talk about some of the ways in which you can help your body recover. We’re talking about leg compression machines and how you need one at home. Now let’s talk about all the reasons why.

Our top pick for a home compression machine

It is possible that you have already heard of these amazing machines. And are even now wondering which one to get. And if that is the case then allow us to recommend our top pick of the best out there.

air compression machine for home

The Sequential Compression Device by Vive comes in three modes that can handle everything between post-workout recoveries to treating venous edema (same with leg compression machine you can find in hospital). You can adjust the pressure on the Vive according to your need and it is very easy to use.

What Is A Leg Compression Machine?

A leg compression machine is basically an aide that helps improve blood circulation and speed up your recovery. This machine has various functions and it can be used by athletes as well as anyone seeking relief from medical conditions that affect your muscles.

 It can be used for after a workout to give your sore muscles a nice, relaxing massage. Or you can use it before you start your workout to help your body get warmed up and prepared for a rigorous workout. It is also used to alleviate pain for people who suffer inflammation, lymphedema, peripheral artery disease, varicose veins and the like.

How Does A Leg Compression Machine Work?

Well, your standard leg compression machine comes with a pair of zippered cuffs which close around each of your legs. These cuffs are attached to a leg compression pump and on a Vive you have a wireless remote control. And with this remote, you can choose what kind of pressure you want, what mode you want, and how long you want the massage to last.

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How Does The Use Of Leg Compression Machine Help Me at Home?

As we discussed, a tough workout leaves you exhausted and sore. Here is why: when we work out we actually tear our muscle. Wait, don’t worry! That’s a good thing.

Now, when we tear our muscles our body builds it back up much stronger. And our body does this by healing the torn muscle as it would any injury. So that through each cycle of torn and healed muscle we get stronger and stronger.

This is where a leg compression machine comes in handy to use at home. Your body reacts to each injury or torn muscle with increased blood circulation. Because of the faster and more consistent the circulation the faster the recovery at the injured site. But our body can only work with what we give it in terms of nutrition.

And what we provide in terms of outside help. And by that, we mean the added and beneficial aid of a leg compression machine. The gentle air flowing through the leg compression pump works around your muscle to help improve blood circulation. The rhythmic pumping also helps relieve soreness for various medical conditions including post-thrombotic syndrome and diabetes.

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Why Should I Get A Leg Compression Machine?

Whether you like to test yourself with a challenging workout, play sports or just like to take long walks.  This machine is a must for you (we like to use a foot circulation booster aswell).

Because you don’t have to be ailing to appreciate anything that can enhance your experience of life. And make you stronger, and more capable of facing the challenges life tosses your way. These pneumatic compression devices pump pressure around your tired muscles intermittently to get your blood flowing, and your muscles ready.

After a long day at work sitting behind your desk you need a thorough massage to get you feeling whole again. And even if you think you don't have the time then you should at least consider it for the sake of your legs! Sitting down for long hours at a time is not good for your body or your longtime health. The lack of continuous blood flow to your lower extremities can prove very harmful for your spine as well.

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leg sleeve compression hoe

Which is why we suggest you give your body break by helping your circulation along and in double time. You can use the leg compression machine and take a short break while you read a book. You’ll feel better mind and body without much effort on your part.

Long walks are a great source of exercise and relaxation. You can take in some fresh air and give your legs a workout. But even so, you can improve your stamina by increasing your recovery time. And you can do this by taking a little time out for yourself and allowing the leg compression machine to soothe your tired muscles.

If you play sports then you would well know what you go through after each game. Your body hurts, your skin burns and your muscles seem to throb. Sure it all fades as you cool down.

But a healthier alternative would be to help your body heal within a comfortable support system. Namely, a leg compression machine that helps ease the tension from your body while you take a little nap.

If you or a loved one suffer from lymphedema, varicose veins, post-thrombotic syndrome, peripheral artery disease or any other medical condition that affects your muscles then we cannot recommend this machine enough. The intermittent pneumatic compression from this machine helps alleviates sores and aches effortlessly.

You can adjust the pressure as low (or as high) as you want and feel the difference as the leg compression machine works to relieve any pain or inflammation you experience.

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Final Thoughts

We started out by talking to you about giving your body some help with recovery. After reading what happens to our bodies when we’re hurt and what we can do to help we hope you’ll decide to get a leg compression machine for your home as well.

Because it isn’t just good for injuries and medical conditions. Although it can do remarkable things for anyone suffering pain and discomfort same as you could use a good foot massager with heat.

It can also prove useful for you on a daily basis. You can use it to strengthen your muscles after a walk, or a workout. Or you can use it to improve circulation in your legs after a long day of sitting down. We recommended the Vive because it is easy to use and because of the many ways in which you can use it.

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