The Ultimate Comparison: Reiki Table vs Massage Table

Massage vs Reiki, both therapies are widely popular across the globe. These techniques are best for pain relief and stress release. Highly effective mentally and physically, both these techniques are to relax and improve overall health and well-being.

The ultimate or desired outcomes are very similar to both these techniques but their methodologies and execution are very different. Therefore, you must understand the difference between both of them. It will enable you to find the right technique for your situation. Now, the tables used for both these techniques have a slight difference.

Although you can use a massage table for performing Reiki too, being a professional at what you do, you must understand the minor differences between the two. The only primary difference between the two techniques is that massage involves touching of the skin while Reiki doesn’t involve any touching.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki practitioners utilizes the collective life energies and drive them as healing modalities tools. Such a reiki healing practitioner will scan through your body to assess any energy breaks or different points where the healing energy looks to be stagnant.

When these subtle energies are not in balance, your body is more illness-prone. With Reiki, the practitioner rebalances these energies. Their hands remain just above your skin during the attunement or treatment. The purpose is to tap into the energy fields typically surrounding your body without touching the skin.

How does Massage work?

In contrast to Reiki master, therapeutic massage does require the practitioner to touch the skin with hands. It allows them to soften up or relax the tight and tired muscles of their clients. At times you have to apply plenty of pressure on specific areas of the body. These include the neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, and legs. By applying pressure, the massage therapists get rid of the strain in the muscles and enables pressure relief.

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The difference between Reiki table vs Massage table

As both the techniques are not very different in terms of desired outcomes, they both vary in terms of execution using the table. Let’s have a brief look at both of them.

Reiki table

Reiki involves long sessions of treatment because it may take a while to accomplish harnessing the energies. It means that you must stand on your feet for all these long sessions. You might also take a chair to get close to the person you are treating. At times you can also place your knees on the table too.

Reiki Portable Massage Table

This is where a Reiki massage table differs from a massage table. There are different panels for practitioners to place their knees comfortably under the table. These panels are not there on a standard massage table. These portable reiki massage tables make sure that there are no crossbones or any other solid panel at the foot or head region. It enables the practitioner to provide the client with proper Reiki training. It comes with plenty of adjustability options.

Massage table

A folding massage table involves applying plenty of pressure on specific body points of concern. The execution means that the practitioner will apply plenty of pressure on different body parts. It means that the table will have to bear plenty of pressure too. It offers a good amount of comfortable and adjustable features for an effective massage session.

Best Portable Table Massage

This is where a massage table differs from a Reiki table. Extra pressure can destabilize the table and for this reason, this table is equipped with cross braces for extra comfort, durability and stability. Massage tables also feature an adjustable headrest because massage does involve extra pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Can you use a Reiki massage table as a simple massage table?

At a basic level, yes you can use a portable Reiki massage table as a massage table or vice versa. However, you are going to feel very uncomfortable; when you have to stand on your feet for long Reiki sessions or get down on your knees on the bare floor during this time. On the other hand, with a Reiki table, you won’t be able to effectively give massage to your client. A portable massage table works very similar to a Reiki table.

For the desired outcome you massage apply adequate pressure on certain parts of the body and for this, you need a sturdy base. A Reiki table doesn’t come with a sturdy base. It just allows your client to lie down cannot bear much pressure. However, a portable table includes plenty of features of massage and Reiki table.

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Which one is the best option, reiki treatment table or stationary massage table?

The answer to this question primarily relies on what services you want to offer or receive. If you are not considering a massage then, of course, you should opt for a massage Reiki table. On the other hand, if you are offering or want to receive massage too then understand the differences between reiki table vs massage table.

The best option that you can consider here is a table that is a high table and also features panels for placing knees. In all scenarios, this is the best option that you can choose. You will be able to use both techniques very effectively.

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Final thoughts

As a therapist, you’ll face minor differences present between a massage Reiki table and an ordinary massage table while performing a deep tissue massage. These differences rely heavily on the differences of methods of execution of both these techniques. As massage involves applying plenty of pressure on the targeted areas of the body, it needs a table that is highly stable and light in weight with height adjustment features.

On the other hand, Reiki massage needs long hours to accomplish the target and for this reason, you have to stand close to your client for quite a while. Therefore, these tables come with specifically designed knee panels for comfort. The practitioner can place their knees comfortably underneath the table while performing the treatment.

The best option that you can choose for is a combination of both these options. A table that you should consider must come with those knee panels and headrests and must also be very stable. In such a scenario you can perform both Reiki vs Massage without any issue at all. When you understand the primary differences between both these options you will be able to find the right item that caters all your needs and preferences.

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The Ultimate Comparison: Reiki Table vs Massage Table
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