Best Type of Massage for Lower Back Pain

Are you aware, approximately 80% of adults are facing the pain in their lower back? This pain can be chronic or temporary and some of these are due to anxiety, old age, depression, injuries, heavy weight lifting, weight gain, pregnancy and much more. According to a recent research, massage is the most efficient and effective procedure to reduce the pain from your lower back. It requires persistence and consistency if you are in chronic condition because massages are a long-term and time taking process.   

Additionally, it is compulsory to select an appropriate massage as your condition. Due to consistent massage sessions from professional therapist helps to reduce the pain from the lumbar region of your body. Some of you did not take this pain serious however, it prolongs.

There are plenty of massage techniques are available for reducing the pain from your lower back area and you must have a knowledge which type of massage is ideal according to your condition. If you are going to take massage first time then this article will help you to select the best types of massage for your lower back pain according to your pain like chronic or temperately pain.

Let us have a look about different types of massage!

Shiatsu massage therapy

Shiatsu is the most popular and effective type of Japanese massages therapy. It focuses on the back area of the body and uses multiple techniques to relieve you from chronic back pain. The trigger points are the first priority that the therapists emphasize in Shiatsu massage. There is a need to discuss with your therapist to make sure the pressure amount that is ideal according to your pain.

The therapists use their fingers on your lower back for pressure application. They use their thumbs to manipulate the energy flow in your body. It is only useful for those people who have pain in their lower back. The slow pressure is necessary for this massage technique for relieving your low-back pain. On the other hand, a firm pressure is important for treating shoulder pain. The pressure depth and duration is varying according to your condition. It also helps to re-balance the body and giving you a healthier and stress-free feeling.  

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Acupressure methodology

The Acupressure massage is a traditional Chinese method or medication methodology to eradicate the chronic pain of the lumbar area. It acts as a pain reliever naturally in your body as well as helps to block those sensations who are causes of pain. Generally, in this massage type, the therapist applies a slightly excessive pressure to the area of pain for relief about two to three minutes. The therapist will use his/her knuckles, palms, and fingers for applying pressure.

The twelve channels in your body work from the brain to fingertips and other organs related to the body. The Acupressure finds those channels and applies some techniques for balancing the Qi energy in your body. Whenever you are suffering from pain in your lower back then it means there is a need to balance your Qi energy by unblocking the body’s channels.

The therapist will do massage to relieve pain and give you to enjoy an ultimate good health experience. The endorphins are discharged in the body that helps to prevent the pain signals. These signals are generating from lower back to your brain.    

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Neuromuscular Massage

Another most famous Swedish massage is a neuromuscular massage that is recognized as trigger point massage and treatment of deep tissues. The massage of deep tissue is categories in the technique of conventional massage. It focuses to relieve your body from multiple muscular pains. This type of massage is ideal for those who have muscles tension in the lumbar region of their body. As neuromuscular massage, helps to lose and calm your specific muscles related to lower back to get relief from pain.         

The trigger point massage is applied to the particular muscles like the lower back. If you are going to choose this massage technique then you feel some pain in initial stages but after mid of session, you will get it as treatment progresses. The great amount of lactin acid in the muscles is the cause of pain. This massage enhances the blood flow that releases the amount of lactin acid to present an energized and relax feeling.

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Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is the common type of massages that are ideal for the pain in your lower back. It uses the long strokes, vibration, tapping, kneading, and circular deep movement to relax and recharge you stressed back muscles. Strokes are used to improve the blood circulation and blood flow towards the heart.

Unlike the above massages, this Swedish massage did not use the pressure points and deep pressures. This massage is non-abrasive, barely, and gentle uses friction, therefore, it is best for those people who have sensitive skin. It uses oil, which facilitates the non-abrasive and smooth massage stroke. It helps to increase the supply of oxygen in the blood to reduce the muscle pain of lower back by removing the lactic acid. 

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Wrap up thoughts

A massage is an effective therapy for alleviating the pain from the lower back. It helps to improve the blood circulation, which ensures the nutrients reaches in the muscles and tissue of your body. Therefore, it is recommended you to select the appropriate therapeutic massage according to your body type and level of pain. Contact your massage therapist, get the best massage technique for your pain in lower back, and get a healthier life!

Best Type of Massage for Lower Back Pain
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