What is a therapeutic massage?

Long working hours on the chair is making more people a back pain patient. Taking over the counter pain killers may give you temporary relief, but in the long term, it may add adverse effects to your health. Therefore, one needs to look for some natural remedies.

The massage itself is a relaxing, but the objective of the therapeutic massage session is to cure the pain in a natural way. The health professionals recommend therapeutic massage as a natural remedy, and use it as part of a broader treatment plan. Moreover, it is beneficial in improving the flexibility and tone of the muscles.

How does therapeutic massage work?


Therapeutic massage is a combo of remedial massage and relaxing massage. It is done not only to relax the whole body but also focus on particular body areas where muscle treatment is required.

The therapy will also improve the blood circulation which improves muscle movement as nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the tissues.

For this reason, it is among the most recommended massage therapies in case of arthritis. Benefits of therapeutic massage include boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure and overall reducing the physical aspects of stress as well.

What are primary benefits of therapeutic massage?

Apart from relaxing, following are some of the reason why everyone should consider booking a session.

#1. Therapeutic massage counters the pains from prolonged sitting

Most of the time people are dealing with postural stress which appears in the form of pain in the neck and shoulder region. Desk workers often experience pain in the lower back area due to prolonged sitting.

Therapeutic massage can counter the lower back pains as well as pains in the neck and shoulder region.

#2. The massage therapies also help in improving sleep

One of the great benefits of therapeutic massage is that it promotes restful sleep. People who experience restlessness at night can significantly benefit from this therapy as it promotes relaxation within the body as well as the mind.

#3. It improves immunity

Because the massage enables nutrients and oxygen to reach to different body parts, it allows the body to develop and improve its immune system effectively.

The massage increases the number of white blood cells which have a significant role to play in preventing the body from developing any ailment.

#4. It can keep you happier and stress-free

As the massage relaxes the body, it also has a positive effect on the mind of the individual. When there is no back pain or a headache, the person will feel happier and stress-free. Individuals who have regular massage session live a more joyful life as compared to those who don't.

#5. It enhances gym performance

This kind of massage is also beneficial to improve gym performance as well. Because the muscles are relaxed and their range of motions in increased with the help of therapy, people can perform their exercise in an improved manner, which will enhance the outcome.

#6. It boosts weight loss

It will probably be most enjoyable for many of the readers. One of the benefits of therapeutic massage is that it also improves weight loss mechanism.

As with the help of massage nutrients and oxygen is delivered to all the body parts, the muscles feel energetic, and they can exchange vitals substances with the blood which improves metabolism in the tissue cells thus, contributing to weight loss.

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What conditions can benefit from this massage?

The benefits of therapeutic massage are enormous; especially when someone is looking to improve the flexibility of the body muscles.

The massage lowers the nerve and joint compression and enhances the range of motion of the joints at the same time.

It is also instrumental in improving the immune system as well. Persons with following conditions can enjoy some benefits of therapeutic massage,

  • Anxiety

  • Stress related Insomnia

  • High blood pressure

  • Arthritis

  • Minor injuries

  • Low immunity

  • Overall wellbeing

  • Digestive disorders

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS)

  • Sport injuries

What is the ideal duration and frequency of therapeutic massage?

The initial treatment should range between 60 to 90 minutes especially if a person has never had a therapeutic massage before, or a long time has passed since the last session.

A person that receives regular massage sessions can follow the instruction of his/her medical expert or therapist. The ideal frequency of the massage session should have a gap of four to six weeks and not more than that.

It will keep those muscles well relaxed otherwise the muscles are creatures of habit, and they will remain tight if that's how they stay, which can be very painful.

Are there any risks associated with therapeutic massage?

People only enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage. Nevertheless, there are some risks associated with it as well. Therapeutic massage will be no good if a person is suffering from the following,

  • Fractures

  • Healing wounds or burns

  • Severe osteoporosis

  • Bleeding disorders (or people that consume blood-thinning medicine)

  • Severe thrombocytopenia

  • Thrombosis in deep veins

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It is better to consult the medical professional before a person books a session with his/her therapist. Therapeutic massage is also not recommended in case of pregnancy or cancer or any unexplainable pain.

A person should speak up instantly if s/he is experiencing some pain during the massage session as well because most of the time a serious problem develops due to the excessive pressure during the course.

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There are numerous benefits of therapeutic massage. It not only enables the person to feel relaxed and get rid of all the stress and body pains but also improves the immune system of the body.

The massage gives the muscle much-needed flexibility which offers better gym performance and is also very helpful in improving tissue metabolism. The massage is also beneficial in various medical conditions as well.

However, in some cases, there are risks associated with it as well, and one must consult his/her medical professional if you are undertaking DIY without the therapist.

What is a therapeutic massage?
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