Are shiatsu massage chairs good for you ?

Are Shiatsu massage chairs good for you? That’s the question that comes to mind when we try to buy or rent a good massage chair. The same question can be asked of acupuncture and acupressure therapies. But the answer is always the same: yes. For those of you who don’t know, Shiatsu massage chairs use the science of acupressure to relieve pain and discomfort. This usually involves the chair focusing its vibrations on specific body parts, such as the feet and the back. This easily allows releasing pressure to soothe the body and its tense muscles. We have listed the most prominent health benefits of Shiatsu massaging and in acupressure in general.

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When we first came across the Real Relax massage chair, we didn't think it would be much. But then we became familiar with its easy setup, its lavish cushioning, exceptional roller design, and highly advanced technology, and we knew we had found just the product.

shiatsu massage chair good for you

The shiatsu massage chair Real Relax uses 8 back and feet rollers to massage the pressure points, along with at least 50 different airbags intricately placed all around the chair for added support. If that wasn’t enough, wait till you hear about the 3-year warranty.

Health Benefits of Using Shiatsu Massage Chairs:

Relaxes The Muscles:

Our muscles go through a lot of tension that reduces the blood flow to different body parts. They have to hold a lot of weight, withstand stress, be pulled and tugged for lengthy periods, and many are constantly in use as you read this. Our muscles can get fatigued pretty fast. Which is why a decent massage every now and then is absolutely necessary.

Sure, we all stretch ourselves in the morning after we wake up, but is that enough? Experts believe otherwise. Although there is little to no research on shiatsu and its medical benefits, we can all agree that a good massage is the best medicine.

Shiatsu massage chairs mostly concentrate on the back and feet muscles. These portions can stress pretty easily. Your back has to hold your body upright, and is made of very tense and thick muscle. The feet have to walk miles before they get some rest, which is why they have such thick skin. Shiatsu ensures that these muscles are relaxed and allowed to breathe properly.

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Alleviates Abdominal Pain:

Constipation and abdominal cramps can get us good sometimes. And it is at these times that a decent Shiatsu massage is needed. The massage chairs do little to relieve abdominal pain, as they rarely focus on the belly side of your body.

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shiatsu massage chair for you

But many chairs massage the lower back and the loins, which usually helps release stress in the abdominal muscles and the stomach and in testiness in general. This allows a lot of relief from stomach stress and pain, and can even soothe stomach aches. However, Shiatsu is not a permanent cure, and a physician should be sought. The method only helps ease the pain.

It’s Great for Your Skin:

Shiatsu massages are great for the skin. The rapid but soft massaging movements of the rollers allow better circulation and blood flow to the skin, creating a naturally healthier skin complexion. This means that your skin remains hydrated, looks and feels fresh all the time, and will definitely get some compliments from strangers.

The reason why we love the Real Relax Massage Chair is that it employs Shiatsu to relieve stress and pain while also rehydrating and rejuvenating the skin. Although the rollers don’t go over your face, the back and feet have skin too, and it is just as important for them to stay healthy!

Maintains Body Energy:

Shiatsu massage chairs have been proven to provide instant medical relief and help retain body energy. This makes the chairs highly efficient for users with low stamina and fatigue. Even if you don’t work out, muscles can get pretty easily tired, which is where a single session with the vibrating shiatsu chair comes into play. The chair and the massage in general help the body keep calm and steady, and releases energy and tension from the muscles.

This massaging technique has helped dozens in remaining fit and ready for the work on a daily basis. This is just one of the reasons why we’re so obsessed with Shiatsu massages.

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A budget-friendly Option:

Traditional Japanese acupressure techniques have always been known to be extremely cheap. The process is simple and can even be done by yourself. Just memorize a few major pressure points and you’re good to go!

An easier method would be to go to some traditional Japanese spa or massage house and have the professionals take care of everything. But these can cost a bit more. Some traditionalists even do it for free, or for really cheap prices.

And what about Shiatsu massage chairs? The right ones can cost as much as $1000 or less, but the price should really not be considered when buying these massage chairs. The cheaper ones may not benefit that much, and may even be scams or frauds. But rest assured, the right money spent in the right place can make a huge difference!

Can Even Reduce Insomnia:

We believe that mental disorders are not the type of things that can or should be treated with traditional methods. But we beg to make an exception. Acupressure massage chairs can actually help alleviate symptoms of insomnia. While the actual underlying disorder will still be there, the symptoms and side effects of insomnia can easily be controlled by shiatsu massage chairs.

For one thing, muscle and mental fatigue can easily be reduced by the chairs. This allows better circulation and makes sure that all that insomnia does is keep you from sleeping. The chair can also help reduce insomnia which is caused by tiredness and stress.

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Bonus Fact: Where Did Shiatsu Originate From?

Shiatsu, or “finger pressure”, originates in 18th century Japan. It was developed as a traditional method to provide instant relief and self-care to those who could not afford it. Soon the world caught on and now everyone uses Shiatsu! Exotic spas and massage chairs started commercializing, and this is just one way how Japanese culture has influenced the world!

Final Thoughts:

See, there isn't much to conclude here. Everything we had to say has already been said and proven! But there is one thing we can say, it’s that Shiatsu and the like have made a great impact on us and our wellbeing, and there is certainly no technique that can overcome this.

Are Shiatsu massage chairs any good for you? If so, which ones? We found that the Real Relax Chair is just perfect for all your needs. So pull out your credit cards and get relaxed!

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