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How many times have you gone to a spa or ordered a massage bed online and been disappointed? Maybe the leather started tearing apart! Maybe the stains just wouldn’t go away or maybe you couldn’t fold the table down easily, or at all. It is to combat problems like these that we decided to tackle on the top 5 best portable table massage. We took around more than 50 different products and finally choose what we thought were the 5 best tables.

Of course, these are just opinionated, but you’ll love to know that these are the most highly acclaimed and reputed brands around the world. Take a look for yourself at our top pick: the BestMassage Table. The other four are also great choices, so we urge you to read on and decide as soon as possible on which one you want to buy!

Our recommended Best Portable Table Massage

The New Black Portable Table Massage is certainly worthy of the top position on our list. Of all the 50 different tables that we went through, we found the BestMassage table to be the best in all aspects. It seemed to fit all of our criteria.

To begin with, the massage table has been integrated with a 2-inch thick sponge, so when you lie down the hardwood underneath won’t bother you at all. Another thing which we absolutely loved was the easy installation. Well, we say installation, but it was more like just unfolding the product. Zero tools required.

Above all that, the adjustable height will definitely sweep you off your feet. The height can be adjusted from 24 to 35 inches, making the surface completely safe and comfortable to work on. We really hope that BestMassage makes more products like this. And the best part! You get to avail the best portable table massage at an affordable price!

the best portable table massage

Top 3 Best Portable Table Massage

Our top pick

the best portable table massage

We chose the BestMassage table to be the number one product on our list since it stands out so much. You have the extremely trivial setup, the adjustable height, and of course the soft spongy texture. Trust us, you won’t regret buying this. It is highly preferred massage table by a number of massage therapists.

The cheapest

MaxKare Massage Table Portable

MaxKare’s Massage Table is also a good candidate, and although we love the reinforced hardwood frame, the soft high-density foam inside, and the durable leather covering, we also love the cheap rates more. After all, everything comes down to the price.


best portable table massage EARTHLITE

Having a low price isn’t as important as deserving the price you already have. The Earthlite is definitely a good deal, with its Cloudfill poly-gel face cradle, the durable frames and levers, and the nylon carry bag. Most tables don’t even provide a face cradle, let alone a carry bag, so it’s definitely worth what you pay for. Plus, many massage therapists prefer this massage table.

5 Best Portable Table Massage Reviewed

Our Opinion on this best portable table massager:

  • A good choice for users who own a spa or want to make one for themselves in their homes.
  • arrow-right
    Provides a very easy set-up.
  • arrow-right
    Very strong and durable. Hardwood frame is an excellent choice.
  • arrow-right
    Lightweight and compact.
  • arrow-right
    Easy to move around and fold down.
  • arrow-right
    Makes wonderful use of PU leather and tough covers.
the best portable table massage

In short:

To summarize it up, this is definitely the best portable table massage that we have seen. The one thing that has continued to appall us is the softness of the high-density foam that is very spongy. The company has used it underneath the leather. Although we aren’t big fans of regular polyurethane foam, this one is an exception.

Another thing which struck us as odd is that the table is both soft yet storing from the inside. The hardwood frame can hold up to 450 pounds. That’s the equivalent of four healthy humans! We also liked the easy setup, although foldable massage tables aren’t that uncommon nowadays.

Describing a product in detail will always be harder, especially since there are so many ways in which the BestMassage continues to surprise us. We’ll break it down step by step. Firstly, the massage table is made of the highest quality beech wood, which has been reinforced repeatedly, especially around the corners.

Secondly, the table is covered with a soft polyfoam compound, so you don’t feel any pain while lying down. We really do consider this to be the most comfortable out there. The high-density foam is covered with a strong layer of taut PU leather, which makes it 100% lesser likely to tear.

Apart from that, the set-up is extremely easy too. The legs fold right up and down to allow you to either set up the table or pack it up. We also loved how the legs are at an adjustable height. Each of the four legs is equipped with adjustable height knobs, so you can change the height for you or your workers to have a better surface. The height can be adjusted anywhere between 24 and 35 inches, so it’s the best range out there.

Additionally, you can expect a lot more from this, since it’s super lightweight and easy to move. Despite all the reinforcements, the table weighs just 28 pounds. But that isn’t the best part. The best part is that the bed does not release any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), either in gas form or in toxic liquids. We especially like this feature, since we’ve had a lot of experience with massage tables that left us with a headache.

If you ask us, we would recommend this for the newbies who have enough money on them to buy the BestMassage.

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Our Opinion on this cheapest portable massage table:

  • Great use of sturdy steel cables to keep the frame upright.
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    Comes with detachable parts, including armrests.
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    Waterproof and tear proof.
  • arrow-right
    Carry case is an excellent idea.
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    Soft high-density foam in the entire table and especially in the headrest.
  • arrow-right
    Twice as durable leather as the other products in the market.
MaxKare Massage Table Portable

In short:

After the BestMassage, there were only a few candidates left which could parallel the qualitative beastie. MaxKare was the second product which crossed our path and made us realize that there’s a lot more to massage tables than we first thought.

What we love most about the MaxKare is that it uses the highest quality materials. The leather is no ordinary leather, and the high-density foam used inside has been engineered for high quality and high density. It also includes extreme adjustability, and almost all of the armrests and accessories are detachable. Truly, this does come very close to the best portable table massage.

There’s only one way we can describe the MaxKare: quality. Backed by a hundred different certifications and guarantees, we can only say that the MaxKare is certainly a good choice for masseurs and spa-goers. So let’s start off with the basics. We don’t know much about the materials or what they’re made of. However, we do know that they’re extremely durable and tight.

The frame is made of highly polished and splinter-free hardwood, and the interior is made of high-density polyfoam. We’ve stated this earlier, polyfoam is not the best. But the alternative (memory foam) is a lot more expensive, and you might not even need it, especially in a spa table.

The table also includes a detachable arm and headrest. Most tables don’t even come with these included, so this is a good quality. We also loved how the parts are detachable in case you want to replace or wash anything. The leather covering is completely proofed from both water and oil-based solvents. It is water and oil resistant so absolutely nothing will damage this beauty.

One other thing which we just couldn’t get ourselves over was how the MaxKare also comes with its own carry bag. This not only means that the table will fold right down into a compact size, but will also be extremely easy to carry around. We like this feature in particular. There were a lot of other things which made this the best cheapest massage table.

The face bracket/rest is also adjustable. Although the height can’t be adjusted, the angle of the face rest can be changed. So you or your guests can have the best spa experience ever. The sponge used in the bed is not only 2 inches thick but also very soft.

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Our Opinion on this best value for money massage table:

  • All in one massage table, headrest, poly-gel blend, and carry bag.
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    Worth the price and effort.
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    Fits people of all shapes and sizes.
  • arrow-right
    High-quality material and leather.
  • arrow-right
    Uses Cloudfill technology to keep the user comfortable and satisfied.
  • arrow-right
    Lifetime warranty for the frame and the arms.
  • arrow-right
    3-year warranty on the upholstery and the leather plus foam.
best portable table massage EARTHLITE

In short:

The Earthlite definitely comes very close to being the best value for money table massage out there. One of the reasons why we love it is that it provides an infinite amount of features. So although it may not be the cheapest, it definitely does deserve the time and effort.

We really liked how it blends together premium quality materials with premium quality performance. In short, we can say that the Earthlite makes excellent use of Cloudfill polygel blend in the cushion and the bed, and even features a durable nylon-based carrier bag.

How do you even begin to describe this product? The Earthlite is a great example of quality and performance. The materials used are only the best, and the leather is a luxury firm. The frame is made from North American Hard Maple wood, so if you don’t trust its strength then that’ll help get an idea. Furthermore, the maple wood has been milled by hand in the US and has also been decked by premium quality Russian plywood. So this is the most reinforced and resistant table massager in our opinion.

If you talk about the foam, the Earthlite uses a special Cloudfill polygel technology to create the best experience. However, this technology is only in the face cradle. The rest of the bed uses regular yet resilient 2.5 inches of soft double density polyurethane foam. This ensures that the user has the highest form of comfort regardless of how they are seated. The table doesn’t use any leather, but the fabric is integrated with Natursoft technology, so you know you’re only getting the best.

If you still feel unsure, then consider the fact that the frame can withstand an incredible 600 pounds. Therefore, all types of users can fit on it with ease. Even its width is inclusive of all sizes. The frame and construction itself maintains slip-free technology, has a hard and sure grip, and even a full-length piano hinge.

The other reason why we love the product is that the brand offers a great money-back guarantee. The warranty lasts for a lifetime for the frame and the legs. For the upholstery and the high-density foam, you only get 3 years, but that’s enough as far as the competition goes. You can always give them a line to get a replacement, but you might have to pay for that.

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Our Opinion on this folding massage table:

  • The capacity of 450 pounds fist users of all weights.
  • arrow-right
    Safe and secure table legs. Do not slip or fall.
  • arrow-right
    Very strong cables for support and added comfort.
  • arrow-right
    The 2-inch foam inside is perfect for any and all users.
  • arrow-right
    Weighs just 37 pounds.
  • arrow-right
    Includes nylon carry bag.
  • arrow-right
    Water and oil resistant.
Saloniture Portable massage table

In short:

Saloniture is a premium brand which has only continued to impress us every step of the way. Like every other brand in our list, it uses a 2-inch polyfoam filling inside the leather cover. However, there were a few things which made it stand out. For example, it is the best foldable table massage in our list in terms of how the table folds down so easily. The parts have been well oiled and the levers and steel cables are able to support the entire structure regardless of who’s lying down on them.

One thing that we don’t like though is how the bed doesn’t come included with an arm or headrest. This was a disappointment since we usually don’t want to spend hundreds on a face bracket all over again.

If we go into the details, then this product too could become the best portable table massage. But for the sake of simplicity, we will keep our eyes set to the criteria that are really important. So the Saloniture Portable Therapy Table makes excellent use of wooden frames and support cables. Although there were a few things 6that ticked us off (such as the squeaky noises and the slight lag in folding), overall the Saloniture was a great choice.  We don’t know exactly what type or nature of wood was used, but it does seem to be supportive and durable.

Next, the plush support inside the leather casing is of great quality. Of all 50 products we tested, this was the only one which was extra soft. Normally, we would like the bed to be medium firm. But this bed works great even if you can just sink right into it. The interior is lined with a 2-inch layer of polyfoam which feels both soft and supportive, although it does tend to sag.

Still, though, we feel that the Saloniture is no far cry from the top 3 products on our list. It uses PU leather which is not only durable but also water and oil resistant. This means that the massaging oils that you use will not affect the cloth underneath. We actually like this bit, because even some of our highest recommended products don’t offer this much protection.

Another great thing is that the Saloniture comes with a nylon bag for carrying. So this makes it very easy to compress and carry around. The table itself folds right down with zero effort. Every hinge has been oiled and greased for added comfort.

Our Opinion on this professional massage table:

  • Very durable and portable.
  • arrow-right
    Made of high-quality beech wood.
  • arrow-right
    2 inch plus interior design.
  • arrow-right
    Face cradle which can be easily removed for washing or replacing.
  • arrow-right
    Cotton fitted cover. Very strong and resistant.
  • arrow-right
    Has a carrying bag for added portability.
  • arrow-right
    Includes a limited 5-year warranty.
best portable table massage SierraComfort

In short:

To summarize, the Sierra Comfort is the last and final product on our list which makes it to the top 5 recommendations. There are a few issues which need to be resolved, but of all the 50 products we tested this was among the best professional table massage beds.

To begin with, the Sierra Comfort is made of highly durable beech wood which has been polished and reinforced to make it twice as durable. The interior is made of 2 inches of polyfoam which is as soft as you can expect. One thing which didn’t completely “rock our world” was the cotton fitted sheets. We generally prefer leather over cotton.

One of our favorites, the Sierra Comfort massage table is a great choice for anyone who wants to get the premium experience right at home. We personally recommend this more for the heavier users, particularly the overweight ones. It can hold an incredible amount of weight and support the entire body.

This comfort table also features the typical hardwood frame plus 2-inch polyfoam combo. However, it does put these two together in the best way possible. We also liked how the Sierra Comfort is so compact yet so wide. The product fits right inside a regular sized carry bag, which comes included.

There were also other things which we noticed right away. For example, apart from the premium comfort and the performance, the Sierra Comfort also has the best warranty plans, providing a 5-year limited warranty on all parts. This means that your purchase will be entirely secure and modest.

The one thing we condemn about this though is that it uses cotton instead of regular PU leather. This means that the fabric doesn’t have a reliable durability. However, the fabric did seem to be tough enough, and we learned that it is both oil and waterproof. So that’s the good side. Till we feel that the upholstery could have been leathered.

How to Choose the Best Portable Table Massage:

We always say that buying is ten times harder than using. Below, you will find a few good tips to always keep in mind when buying portable massage tables.

  • Weight Capacity: 

    The weight capacity of the table massage mostly depends on what the frame and the support cables are made of. If you want to use it for yourself, then getting one which only works for your weight is sufficient. However, when buying for a spa, consider getting at least above 300 pounds, so you become inclusive of even the heavier users.
  • Portability feature: 

    Some tables come with a carry bag while many others just fold down. Buy one which folds easily, so you don’t have to create a hassle every time you want to use it. Make sure that the dimensions are wide enough to accommodate the wider users but small enough to fit right into a cupboard or cabinet.
  • Frame Material and Support: 

    Frames are mostly made of hardwood from some type of tree, usually beech, maple, or oak. Try finding ones which are reinforced and decked with other woods, and have special reinforcements around the corners. Stainless steel should be used in the steel cables to facilitate easy and smooth folding.
  • Foam Material: 

    The foam inside should be at least 2 inches thick and should feel soft and comfortable. The foam shouldn’t be too soft since it might end up sagging or depressing. But make sure it feels just right usually medium firm. Extra features help as well.
  • Long lasting durability: 

    Make sure that the leather is PU or any higher grade, and doesn’t tear very easily. Getting one which is oil and waterproof is a great idea too. We don’t recommend cotton or nylon beds, although they can be bought for personal use.


To conclude, massage tables are some of the more ideal and much-needed spa equipment even for our homes. Everyone needs to relax once in a while, and there’s nothing shameful about enjoying good relaxation every now and then.

For us, we felt that all 5 of our products deserved to be on the list. Of these, the top 3 were the best portable table massage beds. However, with our top pick in sight, we felt that the BestMassage definitely did the best job.

And as for you, we recommend that you give any of our top 3 picks a try. If they don’t work out for you then go for the other two. If not, then use our mini buying guide to help you decide on what’s good. And as always, just remember to sit back and relax!

Best Portable Table Massage
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