Best Head Massager for Migraine

We have a lot of stresses to deal with in our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that a migraine has become a common problem. More and more people today suffer from severe headaches. If you suffer from a migraine you must be aware of the fact that it affects your daily life. The sharp pain in your head is so nagging that you are unable to focus on the task at hand. You don’t have to live with the pain and wait for it to go by itself.

There are ways for you to prevent the migraine headaches. The best solution to a migraine headache is using a head massager for a migraine. Yes, that is true. The best head massager for a migraine comes with amazing healing powers. It allows you to relieve your muscle tension and stress.  A Head massager comes with countless benefits. They offer you deep relaxation and help you deal with a migraine.

There are a number of head massagers available in the market. You might find it tedious to choose the right one, therefore, we have reviewed the best head massagers for you.

Our recommended Best Head Massager for Migraine

Breo Portable mini scalp head massager tops our list on the basis of functionality and convenience. It is light-weight and compact. The best thing about this head massager is that you can hold it in your hands. This head massager offers you optimal relaxation with the adjustable speed settings.

Breo Portable mini scalp massager is a portable massager which you can carry wherever you want. You can even use it in the shower. You can even use it on your neck, back, shoulders, and wherever you feel your body is aching.

the best head massager for migraine

Top 3 Best Head Massager for Migraine

Our top pick

the best head massager for migraine

There is no better head massager in the market than Breo Portable mini scalp head massager. This head massager gives you a pleasant massaging experience. It takes all your stress away as soon as you use it. You don’t have to suffer from severe headaches anymore. This is an ideal head massager for you that can fit your purse or briefcase. You can even take it to your office.

The cheapest

best head massager for migraine Breo iDreams

This head massager comes with unique features such as automatic head and eye massager. You can relax by using this versatile head massager after a tiring day at work. It also gives you optimal eye massaging experience. If you strain your eyes sitting in front of the computer, this is the perfect massager for you. The best thing about this massager is that you can remove the eye mask parts while watching TV. Another important feature of this head massager is that you don’t have to make much effort with your hands.


best head massager for migraine NORLANYA

Norlanya Electric Massager is for someone who wants to have an optimal massaging experience. You cannot tell the difference between a human massager and this electric head massager. It gives you a relaxing and soothing massage therapy. It also allows you to listen to relaxing tunes. This head massager comes with a helmet. You can easily adjust the size of the helmet according to your head size and helps you to reduce your pressure points.

3 Best Head Massager for Migraine Reviewed

Our Opinion on this top head Massager:

  • Relaxing Hair Massager
  • arrow-right
    Relieves pain
  • arrow-right
    Waterproof design
  • arrow-right
    Non-stop usage of 90-mins
  • arrow-right
    Rechargeable battery
  • arrow-right
    Massages away your headache
  • arrow-right
    Compact and small design
  • arrow-right
    Effortlessly fits your hand
  • arrow-right
    6 Traditional massage skills
  • arrow-right
    Charging base
the best head massager for migraine

In short:

Nothing is worse in the world than a throbbing pain in your head. You can free yourself up from the severe pain in your head by having a massage therapy. Buying the best head massager for a migraine would be a relief. You can easily have an effortless massage at home. Breo Portable Mini Scalp massager is ideal for you if you suffer from non-stop headaches. It helps you reduce stress from your muscles and increases the blood circulation.

It’s a versatile massager which can be used anywhere you want. You can even use it on your back and shoulders. You can turn on a relaxing music to enjoy your massaging experience to deal with its noise. All in all, this is a multi-functional massager that helps you reduce aches and pains. You can use it all over your body.

The best way to combat a migraine is to have the best head massager. If you have a head massager handy in your house, you’d be able to prevent severe headaches. Breo Portable Mini Scalp massager is the best choice for you if you frequently complain about migraines. This is a versatile massager which comes with unique features.

The best thing about this massager is that it is extremely portable. You can easily carry it with you no matter where you go. It is small and compact. You can use this massager whenever you get a migraine attack. Moreover, it helps you reduce your migraine attacks if you use it regularly.

This is an all-purpose massager. You can even use it to get rid of back pain. Moreover, you can reduce the pressure point on your shoulders. This massager gives you the relief you desire. Another amazing feature of this massager is that it comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating.

This makes it suitable to use in the shower and while taking a bath. You can scrub your body and head with this massager. It is safe for you to use it on your pets. They would also be able to experience amazing massaging therapy.

You can use it non-stop and take it along with you wherever you go. It comes with a stylish charging base. The run-time is 90- minutes. One drawback of this massager is that it is a little noisy. You might get annoyed with the sound of the device.

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Our Opinion on this Premium Head Massager:

  • Comes with a wireless controller
  • arrow-right
    Multi-purpose helmet style head massager
  • arrow-right
    Gives you a relaxing experience with the 5 kinds of music
  • arrow-right
    Extremely convenient and easy for you to use with just a touch of a button
  • arrow-right
    Gives you a finger like rubbing
  • arrow-right
    Comes with an easy to understand instruction manual
  • arrow-right
    Melts away the stress from your muscles
  • arrow-right
    Increase the flow of blood in your temple and head area
  • arrow-right
    Rechargeable lithium battery
Breo iDream5 Head Massager, Rechargeable Eye Massager 2-in-1 Electric Helmet Massager with Heat, Air Compression, APP Control Neck Massager for Stress Relief and Deep Sleeping

In short:

Breo iDreams head massager is the right choice for you if you are a migraine sufferer. You don’t have to stress yourself if you have a migraine attack. Breo iDreams Head Massager is a unique temple massager for headaches. It is a versatile massager which gives you the ease of massaging your temple without tiring your hands.

The massager gives you added kneading to get a relief from the pain in your head. It comes with the ability to mimic the rubbing of your fingers. You cannot tell the difference between a human massage and this temple massager for headaches. There is only one touch button. While these problems are only minor, it gives you a relaxing massaging experience.

Breo iDreams Head Massager comes with a blend of optimal functionality and amazing performance. It comes with Heat Magnet Technology which takes the stress away from your head. You don’t experience the nagging pain in your head anymore.

This massager is a multi-functional massager which mimics human-finger massaging techniques. It also offers you the function of scalp scratching. You can increase the flow of blood in your head by giving it a good scratch. Moreover, it comes with an inbuilt mp3 which gives you soothing music to listen.

Breo dreams head massager helps you reduce your stress. Moreover, it improves your sleeping patterns and gives you a relaxing sensation which induces uninterrupted sleep.

Another important feature of this head massager is that it comes with an adjustable head strap. You can easily change the size of the helmet according to the size of your head. What is more? It is easy for you to put on. You won’t tangle your hair while using this head massager.

The best thing about this head massager is that the eye mask is detachable. If you don’t need to use it, you can simply take it off. This head massager offers you 3 soothing modes. You can change them according to your needs. It combines with vibration and air pressure to relieve your pain.

This is the best temple massager for a headache. However, it comes with a drawback. Although the head straps are adjustable, it might not fit your head. You might find it uncomfortable wearing it. In addition, some users with a small head might find it too loose.

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Our Opinion on this best value temple massager for headaches:

  • Takes the stress away from your head
  • arrow-right
    Helps you to combat a migraine and tension headaches
  • arrow-right
    Adjustable program of the head massager with the handheld controller
  • arrow-right
    You can choose between the 4 relaxing modes.
  • arrow-right
    Allows you to adjust the helmet size
  • arrow-right
    Travel-friendly massager. You can take it wherever you go
  • arrow-right
    You can choose the power source to charge it
  • arrow-right
    10 intensity settings of vibration.
  • arrow-right
    The heated massage system gives you a soothing experience.
best head massager for migraine NORLANYA

In short:

This head massager comes with noticeable features. It provides you with a relaxing massage experience. When it comes to portability, it is not an issue. It is a light-weight massager which is travel-friendly. You can use it in your home and at your office.

The best thing about this massager is that you can continue doing your household chores while wearing it. It does not bother you while performing your tasks. This portable head massager is the best value for money and comes with optimal functions.

Migraine headaches are very common in this stressful environment. If you have tried everything to get rid of them but failed, buy Norlanya Electric Head Massager for yourself. It is easy to use head massager which comes with unique functions. No matter what sort of a sleep disorder you have, this massager helps you deal with it. It puts you to sleep in no time. You are able to have a peaceful night of sleep.

This head massager offers you 4 relaxing modes which are vibration, deep massage, heat, and music. To get the best results, you can combine the heat and vibration mode. The 10 vibrations modes give you a soothing massage therapy. You can choose the vibration programs according to your needs. The lightest vibration mode just tickles your head while the strongest one gives you a vigorous massage.

One of the distinctive features about this head massager is that it supports different power sources. You can use a USB adapter to charge it. Moreover, you can even use AA batteries to run the head massager.

This massager offers you two heat intensities. You can easily choose between the two different heat programs. The remote controller helps you change the modes. You can conveniently set the time of your massage session.  You can even choose between the relaxing music tunes.

The vibration mode of the massaging might cause you some trouble while using it. It might shake inconveniently. All in all, it is an optimal head massager. You can always choose to turn off the vibration mode.

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Tips to cure a migraine

Once your head starts pounding, you just want this awkward sensation to go away. Many people think that they cannot do anything about a migraine and they just have to live with it. However, there are various facts associated with treating this headache and these include quick coping tips as well as medication.

Tips to cope with a headache

In most cases, you can partially treat the issue of a migraine without medication. We have enlisted these tips as follows:

  • One of the effective treatments for migraine headaches is to lie down, close your eyes and take rest.
  • Make sure to regularly massage or your temple and neck
  • You can also warm up your neck with the help of a heating pad or ice pack. 
  • Relax more often and you can do so by meditating and breathing deep.
  • Try to reduce your stress and stay away from noisy environments.
  • Also, take care of what you eat and drink.

Prescription drugs to treat a migraine

In some cases, these are some over the counter drugs that medical experts have prescribed to their patients to treat the issue of migraine headaches.

  • Butalbital – It is a barbiturate that in most cases medical health advisors prescribe to use together with caffeine, codeine, aspirin, and acetaminophen.
  • Butorphanol – It is a nasal spray that is narcotic in nature. 
  • Narcotics – These include hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, and hydromorphone.
  • Tramadol


Head massagers come in different designs. You can choose from a wide variety of head massagers. There is a vast difference between the basic level head massagers and advanced head massagers. We hope our guide has made it easier for you to choose the best head massager for a migraine.

You can choose a design which suits your needs. Breo Portable mini scalp massager is our most recommendable head massagers. It is very handy and convenient for anyone to use. Moreover, it gives you a firm grip and tangles free massage.

It is a portable head massager that you can take anywhere you want. It is the only head massager in our list which can be used all over your body. If you want to have a deep massage to relax your muscles, Breo Portable Mini Scalp Massager is the best choice.

Best Head Massager for Migraine
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