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Technology has made human beings lazy. Along with being lazy, people have also started to have health problems. One of the most common problems that people have is muscle fatigue and soreness. While there is another reason for this problem, most people are just not getting enough exercise which makes the situation even worse. To help you with this problem, we are presenting you the best handheld massager and everything you need to know.

Here, you will find a guide to help you through the process of getting the best one. Make sure to check out the best pick, the cheapest one, and the best value for money massagers.

Our recommended Best handheld massager

The pure wave therapy massager is the top pick and the most recommendable massager. It is not only recommendable by us; medical professionals also recommend the use of this product because of its features. It provides a relaxing massage that relieves stress and pain. There are different modes of vibration as well which makes this massager even more useful. You can use it for different medical problems and target different parts of the body with this massager.

You will find it to have a powerful motor. The motor helps in going deep into the skin and massaging every tissue in the body. Unlike other massagers, there is micro motor too that helps is achieving face massaging. There are several different nodes available for this massager which makes it more versatile.

the best handheld massager

Top 3 Best handheld massager

Our top pick

the best handheld massager

The Pure Wave therapy massager is the top on our list because it gives a new meaning to the regular massager by being versatile for different parts of the body including the face. The massager goes deep into the skin to help with the innermost tissues for the perfect results.

The cheapest

best handheld massager Wahl Deep Tissue

The Wahl Deep Tissue massage device is a corded massager. However, it has a long cord and a lasting grip to reach the rest of the body. It has the power to reach the deep end of the skin and provides better circulation throughout the body. It has a lot of features yet at the cheapest price possible.


best handheld massager RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held

Renpho Rechargeable massager is a little expensive but it has the most features. It is cordless and has a long battery life which makes it portable. The massager comes in many different colors and it has different nodes as well. It weighs only about 1.8 lbs which is lighter than any other massager.

5 Best handheld massager Reviewed

Our Opinion on this top pick handheld professional massage machine:

  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • arrow-right
    Powerful massaging design
  • arrow-right
    Ergonomic design for easy reach
  • arrow-right
    Ripple effect massaging
  • arrow-right
    Micro vibrations for facial massages
  • arrow-right
    Dual motors for extra strength
  • arrow-right
    Light in weight
  • arrow-right
    Used for injuries. Pain, and stiffness
  • arrow-right
    Multiple attachments come with the device
  • arrow-right
    90 days guarantee
the best handheld massager

In short:

The Pure Wave Therapeutic massage device is the best pick in the category of the best handheld massager. One of the best things that make customers accustomed to this is the fact that medical professionals recommend it as being effective. It relieves your sore muscles in neck and shoulders and back regions.

The unique design is ergonomic and helps in handling the device easily. It makes for a good option to do it yourself. The lightweight also helps users in handling the device especially when you find it vibrating.

This massager uses a dual motoring system which makes the machine more powerful. The power helps in making it suitable for different types of massaging including face massaging. The power also helps reach deep spots in the body.

With this machine, you can access their videos and guiding app. This app will help users get the best ways to massage for different reasons. In short, this device is amazing not only to feel relaxed but also for several muscle stiffness and injuries. It can help you relieve pain and other problems in the body.

To help in satisfying you further, the company gives a 90-day guarantee on the purchase. You can also alter the intensity levels of this massager and change different types of massage techniques too. It is the best therapeutic massager machine you will find on the market.

The best pick in our list has a design that brings many benefits to the user. It is ergonomic for the perfect fit in your hand while being light in weight. It makes the device easy to reach to even hard to reach places.

The massager is advisable if you need a professional massage because of its ability to heal aching muscles. However, make sure to consult your medical advisor before using it for anything serious. There are multiple attachments that come with this massager machine. The attachments are for different parts of the body so that the right amount of pressure and directions help in achieving the best results.

The motor is not like the regular ones since it has a dual motor system. The dual motor system helps in increasing the power of the massager and in return, it effectively gives out the best massaging feel. It helps in reaching deep in the muscle tissues with the perfect strength. The motor has also another face to it which is the micro vibration motor. This motor is for micro vibrations for sensitive spots like the face. The face massaging attachment and setting is different to keep it safe.

Another great feature in this massager is the ripple effect. The ripple effect helps in balancing out the vibrations and helps to massage more area at once. These great features combine to make this one of the best handheld massagers that you will find in the market.

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Our Opinion on this cheapest electric hand massager:

  • Different speed options
  • arrow-right
    There are different attachments
  • arrow-right
    Very long Corded massager
  • arrow-right
  • arrow-right
    One month guarantee
  • arrow-right
    Two-year warranty
  • arrow-right
    Helps with a tense muscle, injury and fatigue
  • arrow-right
    Reaches the deep tissues in the body
  • arrow-right
    Comes in several different colors
best handheld massage Wahl Deep Tissue

In short:

An example of the best handheld massager machine in the most convenient price is the Wahl Deep tissue electric massager. This massager is a corded one so that maximum power gives off in the right intensities. If you are worried about the cord being a hassle then you should not be. It comes in about 4 different colors which make it suitable for everybody and their style needs. To make it a complete package for you, the company gives a 30-day guarantee. You also have a 2-year warranty on the machine for fuller satisfaction.

The cord is about 8 feet long which makes it easy for users without tangling into it. It is also light in weight and has a unique design to make it easy to manage when used by you. Users will also find the power to reach the innermost fatigued muscles and bring a feeling of relaxation to them.

One of the best handheld massagers that you will find in the market is the Wahl Deep tissue electric massager. It is reasonable in price and loaded with features to make it convenient to many people. There are no heavy complications in this device that make you think more and use less of it.

The device has the ability to reach through the innermost muscles and tissues. This feature makes it great for the best results. You can get rid of injuries, fatigue, chronic pain, soreness, and many other small muscle problems that occur on a daily basis. If you think you have something serious, it is best to take advice from a doctor before using it.

The power cord helps users in achieving the best intensity. The battery power massagers can be quite a hoax in terms of intensity which is why the company uses a cord. You do not have to worry about the length of the cord since it is about 8 feet long.

The lightweight design of this massager makes it a great way to handle while you massage yourself. It can reach even hard to reach parts of your body easily. The device has the ability to be very versatile. It has various speed settings which makes it a great way to achieve different results.

There are also about 4 different heads for this device. These heads are very easy to attach and they are for different parts of the body. Each head also serves a different type of result to the muscles and targets different problems.

One of the best parts of this massager is that it has the ability to be very versatile. Versatility is achievable through the different speed control. You also have different heads that are easy to change and target the different parts of the body. The warranty on the machine makes it a suitable and reliable purchase. There is also a guarantee of 30 days which makes it suitable for skeptical customers to enjoy the use of this device.

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Our Opinion on this best value for money massager:

  • Rechargeable for the best power of 140 minutes
  • arrow-right
    Portable to take anywhere
  • arrow-right
    Powerful motor
  • arrow-right
    Auto shut down timer
  • arrow-right
    FDA and FCC certified
  • arrow-right
    Different heads available for attachment
  • arrow-right
    Easy to use
  • arrow-right
    Different available modes
  • arrow-right
    Very light in weight
  • arrow-right
    Comes with a Massager stand
  • arrow-right
    Long handle with easy to use design
  • arrow-right
    1 one year warranty on the machine
best handheld massager RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held

In short:

You will find the value for money purchases in the Renpho rechargeable handheld massager. However, one very important feature is that it has a certificate from the FDA and the FCC. These certifications make it safe for people to use it.

This massager is rechargeable. It has an inbuilt battery that is charged and can run up to about 140 minutes on a complete charge. You do not have to change the battery and it can prove to be very mobile with this feature. To add to its mobility, this massager is extremely light in weight. It is lighter than its competitors, which makes it even better while handling.

The long handle design allows users to reach their back and any hard to reach parts in their body. They can use the machine to relieve pain, injuries, and other muscles related problems. The motor is very powerful and it said to reach the innermost tissues easily. One of the best parts is that the company gives a one-year warranty to ensure that you are secure with the purchase.

One of the best handheld massagers that you will find on the market is the Renpho rechargeable massager. This massager may seem a little off budget, but its great features make it worth every penny that you spend. This massager does not run on regular battery or a cord; it has a rechargeable battery within.

The battery does not need changing or dealt with in any way. It gives off about 140 minutes on a complete charge and a full intensity. The high powered motor runs on this rechargeable battery and helps the massager reach the innermost tissues. The machine is not usable when it is charging so that there is no compromise on safety. It comes with a stand that can help the machine stay safe when charging.

Massaging for more than 20 minutes can prove to be dangerous in some cases. However, this is not the reason this machine has an auto shut down timer. It shuts down to prevent the motor. The company also recommends cooling of the machine before using it. It seems like the motor is fragile and easy to heat.

There are 5 different massaging heads that come with this device. Each head is for a different form of massaging and a different part of the body. This feature makes the massager extremely versatile. The long handle helps you reach anywhere on your body. While handheld massagers are light in weight, this one is extremely light in weight. This massage weighs as little as only 1.8 lbs. To help you secure your purchase, there is a warranty for one year by the manufacturer.

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Our Opinion on this handheld deep percussion massage device:

  • Comes with the heated option
  • arrow-right
    Different speed control settings
  • arrow-right
    Up to 6 different heads for massaging
  • arrow-right
    Anti-slip handle
  • arrow-right
  • arrow-right
    Corded power input
  • arrow-right
    Can be used for relieving pain and fatigue of tense muscle
best handheld massager nursal

In short:

This high-quality massager can help you with muscle fatigue, swelling, cramps. It can also help you with the everyday soreness of muscles. There are about six different heads that come with this massager. Each node is for different purposes and different parts of the body.

The handle is long and has a rubber grip. The grip allows users to easily reach to unreachable parts of the body without slipping. The handle is also big to help with both of these purposes. Furthermore, the massager has a very unique option of heating up as well. You can easily turn up the heat so that the massage experience can be more soothing than ever. This unique experience makes this massager worthwhile.

The lightweight helps in making better control of the device. It runs on the cord for the full power potential and makes for a great option for your whole family.

In our list for the best handheld massager, we find it impossible not to add the Nursal handheld massager. This massager comes with features loaded into it to make it one of the best. It has everything that you might need for it to be suitable for you. It can help you with soreness, tiredness, stiffness, circulation, swelling, and many other different problems. These body massagers comes with 6 different heads that help achieve different purposes. These heads are easy to maintain and makes the massager very versatile.

One great feature that you will find in this massager is the handle. The handle is long so that users can reach anywhere around their body with ease. What’s more? The rubber grip allows the handle to be more versatile and can help in using it with more control. It runs on a cord which might not be the longest one out there, but it seems enough. The cord helps give it good power and intensity. The machine is versatile enough to have different speeds. The speed helps in achieving the targeted results. There are no complicated programming options that come with the device.

This massager gives off heat while massaging as well. Although you cannot control the temperature of the heat, you will find it to be very useful. Heating and massaging give a better and more soothing effect. It also helps in making your circulation better. 

Our Opinion on this full body handheld massager:

  • Powerful motor
  • arrow-right
    Variable speed control features
  • arrow-right
    Nonslip grip design
  • arrow-right
    About 5 feet long design
  • arrow-right
    Highly portable
  • arrow-right
    Double head massager
  • arrow-right
    3 different attachment types
best handheld massager VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld massager

In short:

This massager has a simple design with important features to make it suitable for you to use. It has a powerful copper motor which ensures that regardless of what intensity you choose, the motor gives you the best performance. The massager is ideal for fatigue, soreness, and even blood circulation. However, it is highly recommended that you look into with your medical advisor for serious issues.

One of the best things about this device is that it has different speed settings which are easy to control. The massager comes with about 3 pairs of attachments because there are two heads to this massager for better support. 

The reason why the Viktor Jurgen handheld is the best handheld massager is that it has no complications. For a difference, this massager has all the important features and one or two unique features that will make it more effective. However, there are no complications in this massager at all.

The massager is not light in weight, but it has an anti-slip grip. The grip allows you to hold it in place while you reach all the areas of your body. The dog head design allows the massager to reach even small parts of your body so every inch of your body relaxes.

The wire is a cord and is about 5 feet long. However, if you do not find it enough, you can find the extension easily. The motor is a copper motor that gives off a lot of power. There are different speed and intensity settings because of the great motor. The powerful motor also helps the device’s vibrations to reach the deep tissues of the body so that you can get complete relief.

With its double-headed massager feature, it provides better results in massaging and help you get more relaxed. The different attachments also come in pairs so that you can enjoy the same format with each attachment.

How to choose the best handheld massager?

You have seen the best in the market and their detailed reviews. No, it is time to read the important features that you should have in your massager. With the following guide, you will be able to get the most suited one for your needs.

Power Source

The first thing that you should consider is what power source you want. The power source cans one of the following three:

  • Disposable batteries:

    Everything seems to run with disposable batteries these days. However, if you want a good power massager, this is the worst option. You may not get the right power or intensity.
  • Rechargeable batteries: 

    Lithium rechargeable batteries are a better option than the former. Depending on the power of the battery, you can get a great life and good power.
  • Power source: 

    The power source is the best. The power source from cord may be a little inconvenient but the trick is to get a long power cord. The corded ones will provide the best results with every speed and intensity.

Device Attachments

Attachments in every massager are very important. These attachments allow the massager to be more versatile and be more suitable for other parts of the body. Attachments for different purposes also differ. For example for circulation, you might need something different than for injuries.

Handling Features

For handheld massagers, the important thing is handling. Since you will have this massager in your hand, it is fair that it brings convenience to you.  Ideally, your massager should not be heavier than 3 lbs. any heavier and you will need to massage the hand that is holding it.

The grip of the massager is also very important. Moreover, the grip helps in controlling the massager easily. The grip handle should be long too so that if you are self-using it, you have ease in reaching unreachable ends of the body.

Motor Performance

The motor is a massager is one of the most important features. The motor is important for several reasons. The first is durability. Of course, you want your massager to have a long life.

Another reason is that powerful motors can actually help in reaching the inner tissues. This feature can make your massager more efficient.

If you want to spend a tad extra, you can have the micromotor as well. This motor runs for face massaging in a softer paradigm than the regular motors.

Speed Variations

If you want to spend extra, you can always go for different variations. You can have a heating feature in the massager which makes it more soothing. However, be ready to blow a few bucks on that. Manufacturers also make different colors if you want to be really into style.


Now, you might have found a new perception of the handheld massager and might have even picked the best handheld massager for yourself. Our article serves the exact purpose. We aim to help you find the one that will suit your needs, budget, and preference.

However, before you use a massager make sure to consult your doctor. You should not use it for a serious injury without the consultation of a physician as it can make your case worst.

Best handheld massager
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